Little people, big trouble! A new report reveals Caryn Chandler‘s son has had several run-ins with the law. Connor Chandler was allegedly arrested not once, but twice for theft and criminal mischief. 

A spokesperson for the Portland Oregon Juvenile Detention Center told Radar Online that, in 2016, Connor was put in the slammer for “theft in the first degree, and then in 2017, was arrested for criminal mischief in the second degree.” An insider told the publication that he’s currently serving a five-year probation term, which was extended when he failed to show up for his court hearing. 

Over the weekend, the 19-year-old revealed on Facebook that he beat his addiction to Xanax and apologized to his mom, who stars on TLC’s hit show Little People, Big World. He wrote, “My name is Connor. And this is my story about how addiction almost took my life. I was 13 years old when I was first introduced to a drug called Xanax. Biggest mistake of my life was choosing to try it. Cause after that, I tried it again. Then again. And again. And again. I realized at the age of 15 I had a drug problem which I was at that point taking about 4 to 5 Xanax pills a day. It made forget, not feel, not care, not friendly, not me. Almost killed me, almost killed my relationship with my family, almost destroyed my entire life.”

He continued, “I went through 8 Impatient [sic] Rehabs, 8 outpatient treatment centers, 2 group homes, 17 times in jail, 3 warrants, 12 hospital visits for overdose, and 4 friends death from overdose before I finally got myself clean.”

Lastly, he addressed his mother and said, “I want to apoligize [sic] to anyone and everyone I have hurt in my life. Mom, I’m so sorry. I took you through hell and back with my past addiciton [sic]. But just know, it’s over, and that that’s never going to change, I will continue to do good and stay sober for the rest of my life.”

Caryn began dating Matt Roloff shortly after his divorce from Amy. Before they were a couple, Caryn worked as the family’s farm manager at Roloff Farms. Despite claims that she’s only using him for his money, we think these two are adorable together — and we’re happy to hear Connor is now doing much better. 

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