Melissa McCarthy Talks First Lead Movie Role in 'Identity Thief'

Melissa mccarthy movie identity thief

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You may know her as the raunchy sister-in-law, Megan, from Bridesmaids, but Melissa McCarthy is trading in her hot pink dress for her first-ever lead role in the upcoming flick, Identity Thief.

The comedienne, who stars opposite Jason Bateman, recently opened up to Michigan Avenue Magazine about her new film and what it’s like to leave her supporting actress days behind.

“Other than destroying a lot of takes by just blatantly laughing, it was kind of a dream job,” Melissa says of her role as Diana, a deceptively harmless-looking woman who steals (and splurges with) a businessman’s identity. “It was really fun. The fun of it was trying to figure out what’s redeemable in that person— how does she justify it?"

So what was it like working with Arrested Development star Jason Bateman?

“I’m crazy about Jason; he was as smart and funny as I’d always hoped he’d be,” she says of her co-star. “I tell you what, Bateman can get me. It was really, really fun.”
And the mother of two even got to perform her own stunts, which included a lot of torturing her highly- acclaimed co-star!

“I thought there would be a stuntman, and they said ‘No, if you want, you can just drive your car into his car and hit him.’ I took cheap shots at him. I kept suggesting ideas: ‘What if I punch him? What if I punch him in the throat?’”

Overall, Melissa ended filming with one thought about her work: "It was kind of amazing playing a jerk."

If fans have as much fun watching the movie as Melissa did filming it, we're all in for a treat! 

Identity Thief hits theatres on Feb. 8. Will you check it out?


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