Heath's moving family


Fallen actor Heath Ledger's immediate family revealed their heartbreak, sorrow, love and a lifetime full of memories they'll never forget in a series of moving tributes posted today in their local newspaper in Perth, Australia. "How do we describe our sudden and tragic loss?" asked one tribute, posted by the entire immediate family. "You were the most amazing individual 'old soul' in a young man's body." In separate notes posted by his sister, father, mother and numerous other family members, dedicated to "Heatho," "Beef" and "Roast" — nicknames they had for their beloved Heath — they poured their hearts out. Heath's older sister Kate wrote, "I can hardly breathe when I try to write this. We were the ultimate in soulmates. I feel both my heart and life have been torn apart. I will continue to talk with you everyday and love you just as if you were here." His dad, Kim, responded with heartfelt humor: "No more chess games, mate... couldn't beat you anyway!" he wrote, continuing, "My body aches for the sound of your voice." His mother Sally commended her son for living "life with courage and daring. We are so grateful for the wonderful times we shared." Heath's legacy, the family wrote, "lives on in beautiful little Matilda," whom they vowed would "always remain in the greatest of our care."