Ben Affleck Furious
With Photographers Who
Take Pictures Of His


This is awful.

In a recent interview with Playboy magazine Ben Affleck revealed the terrible things photographers do to snap pictures of the three children he shares with wife Jennifer Garner.

"As their father it’s my job to protect them from that stuff. I try my very best, and sometimes I’m successful. The tragic thing is, people who see those pictures naturally think it’s sweet. They don’t see the gigantic former gang member with a huge lens standing over a four-year-old and screaming to get the kid’s attention. The kids are always looking down because they’re freaked out and scared of these people. And so they yell. Which is fine if you’re Lindsay Lohan coming out of a club, or me or any adult. With kids it’s tasteless at best."

It can also be terrifyingly dangerous for the children.

"You can follow me around and take pictures all you want. I don’t care. There are a couple of guys outside right now. Terrific. That’s part of the deal. But it’s wrong and disgusting to follow children around and take their picture and sell it for money. It makes the kids less safe. They used to take pictures of our children coming out of preschool, and so this stalker who had threatened to kill me, my wife and our kids showed up at the school and got arrested. I mean, there are real practical dangers to this. He was in the pack of paparazzi. They didn’t know he was a guy who was threatening to murder our family. That makes me angry." 

Affleck and his wife want the U.S. to pass a law similar to the U.K. that requires publications to blur out children's faces in images. 

What do you think? Are the paparazzi going too far?