Last night, the world relived “The Trial of the Century” as The People vs. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story debuted on FX.

In one particularly chilling scene, “The Juice” (played by Cuba Gooding Jr.) points a gun to his head — at which point David Schwimmer’s Robert Kardashian Sr. tells him, “Do not kill yourself in Kimmy’s bedroom.”

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And it turns out, the disgraced football player really did threaten suicide — but it wasn’t in Kim Kardashian‘s room, it was Khloé‘s!

cuba gooding jr fx

Cuba Gooding Jr. as O.J. Simpson.

In an old interview with Barbara Walter — rehashed on a 2014 episode of The View — Robert Sr. opens up about the moment he walked in on O.J. threatening to take his own life.

“I said, ‘O.J., I could never walk in this room. My daughter couldn’t sleep in this bed. She’d know what happened here,’” the late father-of-four told the journalist.

kim kardashian's childhood bedroom abc/fx

Khloé Kardashian’s real childhood bedroom (top) vs. the American Crime Story depiction of “Kim’s” (bottom). (Photo Credit: ABC, FX)

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Kim, 35, has previously discussed what her life was like at the time of the highly publicized trial (though she confirmed the former athlete stayed in Khloé’s bedroom).

“It was surreal, with Johnnie Cochran and Robert Shapiro and all these guys having meetings at my dad’s house,” she told Rolling Stone over the summer. While she said she took her father’s side at the time, when asked what she thinks now, the mom-of-two admitted, “It’s weird. I just try not to think about it.”

Check out what Kris Jenner had to say about the tumultuous time in her life:

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