Paramount+’s new docuseries Pillowcase Murders follows the story of Billy Chemirmir, who targeted wealthy elderly women at high-end retirement homes in Texas. As the case gets more media attention with the docuseries, fans have started to wonder how much of the Pillowcase Murders is a true story.

Is ‘Pillowcase Murders’ a True Story?

Pillowcase Murders is the true story about the murders committed by Chemirmir from 2016 to 2018. During that time, Chemirmir was suspected of killing 22 older women who were residing in retirement homes, but authorities initially believed the women had died from natural causes.

Paramount+’s synopsis for the three-part docuseries reads, “When dozens of women enjoying their golden years unexpectedly died at Senior Living Communities across the Dallas area, authorities classified the deaths as natural causes. No one suspected that a cold-blooded, serial killer, posing as a maintenance man, was targeting one of the most vulnerable populations: elderly women. Pillowcase Murders unravels how Chemirmir operated undetected for nearly two years, exploiting a demographic that’s often forgotten.”

What Did Billy Chemirmir Do?

Chemirmir, a suspected serial killer, almost explicitly targeted wealthy older women. He would suffocate his victims using a pillowcase in an effort to leave no signs of foul play and then go on to steal jewelry and valuables from the deceased. Eight of Chemirmir’s victims lived at Tradition-Prestonwood, an upscale retirement home, and several of the women lived on the fourth floor. Chemirmir often posed as a utility worker or a maintenance worker to gain access to his victims.

Is Pillowcase Murders a True Story? Billy Chemirmir Case
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Family members of the victims began to suspect their loved ones didn’t die of natural causes when they noticed oddities around their individual living quarters. In the Pillowcase Murders trailer, several people mention items their loved ones were missing, such as wedding and engagement rings.

After killing his victims, Chemirmir sold off their valuables at local pawn shops, and footage in the teaser shows him laughing as he made the transactions, moments after he murdered someone.

What Happened to Pillowcase Murders’ Billy Chemirmir?

Even though Chemirmir was accused of killing several people, he was only convicted for the murders of Lu Harris and Mary Brooks. In April 2022, he was sentenced to life without parole. On September 19, 2023, Chemirmir was murdered inside the Texas prison where he was serving out his sentence.

“Inmate Billy Chemirmir was assaulted by his cellmate and sustained injuries resulting in his death,” a statement given by the prison read, per Fox 4 News.

Pillowcase Murders begins streaming on ​Paramount+ on May 14, 2024.

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