Hunted” is a new scripted fiction podcast from Endeavor Audio and legendary Law & Order producer Dick Wolf. It tells a riveting story from the perspective of Deputy Marshal Emily Barnes, played by Parker Posey. The series centers on the U.S. Marshals dedicated to capturing the country’s most dangerous fugitives. When four convicts escape from a maximum-security prison, Deputy Marshal Emily Barnes is called in to pursue the criminals on one of the most treacherous and violent manhunts in United States history.

On the previous episode, Deputy Barnes gets in trouble for going rogue. “I’ve been watching you Barnes. You’ve had your head down since they killed that officer. You’re not communicating with the team, you’re trying to do this alone and it’s not working,” her superior tells her. After the team gets a call from a man with a sighting of the fugitives in an RV park in New Mexico, Deputy Barnes disobeys orders and books a flight to investigate.

After she arrives on the scene, she is told she’s not on the list of authorized authorities. “You really want to hold this up for some paperwork? I know the perps better than anyone here. This is your operation, Deputy, but it’s my case,” she says. She successfully convinces the Deputy to let her join the raid.

The latest episode, titled “Psalm 19,” begins with fugitives HughesRuizCampbell, and Machado having a discussion about their escape and future plans while hiding in the RV. When Ruiz and Campbell venture out, they see cop cars race by and quickly realize that they’ve been discovered. Hughes and Machado get a call with the bad news and Machado decides to step out of the RV. “Door just opened. It’s Machado,” Deputy Barnes says while watching the vehicle with binoculars to establish a positive I.D.

After the police tell them on the megaphone to come out with their hands up, Machado vows that he won’t go down without a fight. “Machado, no more killing. This isn’t what this is about. We’re already taken three lives, that’s enough,” Hughes tells him. Machado agrees to surrender, but proceeds to come out of the RV and open fire before he is taken down.

Deputy Barnes opts to go with the SWAT team and move in on Hughes in the RV, only to discover that he is dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

Ruiz and Campbell hide out in bar and watch a breaking news report about the raid. “Mexico, that’s our only option man. Hey, you think your girlfriend and kid want to watch you get shot up on the news? Huh? Or come visit you on death row? We cross the border, we survive, we lay low. We do that, you get a chance to see them again,” Campbell tells Ruiz.

To find out how the rest of the episode plays out, tune in to “Hunted” and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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