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Exclusive Interview
With The 'Pregnant
Man': 'I'm Done Having


The first man to give birth, Thomas Beatie, tells In Touch in an exclusive interview that he’s ready to close a big chapter in his controversial life.
“I’m 99 percent sure I won’t have another child,” he tells In Touch, adding that doctors have advised against it.
Born female, he had his first sexual reassignment surgery to become a man in 2002. More than four years ago, Thomas used his still functional ovaries to conceive via a sperm donor — becoming the first man to give birth when he welcomed daughter Susan.  He’s given birth more times to sons Austin, now 3, and Jensen, now 2.
“My wife, Nancy, couldn’t have children,” Thomas tells In Touch, “and I had the ability to do it.”
His marriage to Nancy fell apart but he’s found love again with Amber Nicholas, 42, a single mom of two. However, Thomas doesn’t expect any future special deliveries.
“I’ve always wanted a big family, but I’m very happy and fulfilled with Amber and my three children.”

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