Blake lively mothers day

How Blake Lively Could
Be in "Huge Trouble"
This Mother's Day


She may be one of the hottest A-listers in Hollywood (with a hunky husband, to boot) but Blake Lively is making sure to carve out time for her mom this Mother’s Day— or else.

“We still celebrate Mother’s Day. Its like a national holiday in our family, so if I don’t fly home for Mother’s Day, I’m in huge trouble,” the actress admits. “[Mother’s Day] was always such an important thing growing up because my father always reminded us to celebrate our mother and be appreciative of her. We celebrated her everyday anyways because she is a person that you would celebrate every day…she’s such a wonderful woman.”
So how does the Gossip Girl star plan to spend the special occasion? Surrounded by food! 
“Every Mothers Day we had was just filled with family and food,” Blake says. “And [my mom] is the best cook so the problem was that we could never go anywhere that had better food than hers, so she would always cook on Mother’s Day because she loved doing that for her family.”
And thankfully, Blake has the perfect “special something” in mind for her mom.
The beauty, who recently became the face of Gucci Premiere perfume, plans to give her mom the gift of scent.
“When she smelled my Gucci Premiere, the bottle was gone from my shelf in about two seconds,” Blake admits. “She stole it from me! It was like chocolate we were fighting over.”
But gifting her mom with perfume on Mother’s Day is nothing new for the Lively family.
“The gift that my mother would always get from my father for Mother’s Day was fragrance, because she was always looking for that one special one that would define her,” Blake says of her mom. “She’s the kind of woman who will go up to someone on line in Disneyland and say, ‘What are you wearing? That smells so good! I have to have it.’” 
There’s no doubt Blake loves celebrating her mother, but the real question remains: how long before Blake becomes a mother herself? Only time will tell.