Teen mom farrah abraham arrested

ARRESTED! 'Teen Mom'
Star Farrah Abraham
Busted for Drunk


This mommy definitely doesn’t know best.

Farrah Abraham, one of MTV’s Teen Mom stars, was arrested on Monday night, March 18, for reckless drunk driving in Nebraska.

According to the authorities, Farrah, 21, had been driving intoxicated around Omaha when she made a rather wide turn, which brought her dangerously close to a collision with a police cruiser.

Pulled over at about 1 a.m., the mother to Sophia, 4, was soon administered a breathalyzer test by the police, which revealed a blood alcohol level of .147 – almost twice Nebraska’s legal limit of 0.08.

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Thankfully, reports claim that Sophia was not in the car at the time of her mom’s arrest.

This morning, March 20, the young mother took to twitter to address the situation without any sign of remorse for her actions.

"It's Amazing what people believe & makeup (LOVE MY LIFE)" she wrote. "#Thank #God #I'mSuccessful & I don't care about drama! #HaveAGreatDay."

While Farrah is lucky that nobody was harmed by her alcohol addled joyride, she is, however, clearly setting a not-so-stellar example for her impressionable tot.