To the dismay of investors across the world, the crypto and NFT bear market continued throughout the weekend. Prices are down, projects and businesses are falling by the wayside, and NFT Twitter is dead silent right now because of all of this. There is no question that many have already left the crypto industry. For sure, maybe.

The bear market, on the other hand, may be an opportunity for investors who have stayed the course. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of it.

In the lack of quick money chances, there are some pros to a bear market. Only those with a strong belief in blockchain technology will remain. For those that are bold and brave about blockchain’s long-term future, short term trends have less of an impact.

It is also possible that now is a good moment to invest in assets that you believe in, according to several crypto aficionados. After all, the entrance fee for more renowned cryptocurrencies and established NFT projects had been sky high for many months.

It’s also a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the industry during down markets. It’s easy to get into the trap of saying things like “the bear market is for developing,” yet it’s true.

Speaking of value and education in the space, the Paper Boyz by was created by JetSet, Joey Sendz, and TheBlondeJon who are behind the brand of’s very first NFT project and it’s nostalgic art, which is based on the original paper boys who brought news to neighborhoods as early as 1833. In the great majority of well-known films, cartoons, and even people’s own childhoods, hordes of children sifted through newspapers in search of news they could get as quickly and easily as on the radio.

The creator and brain behind, a news source and launching pad for the NFT movement is none other than Josh “JetSet” Madrid. JetSet, aka Josh King Madrid, is a young, multi-talented entrepreneur who is gaining popularity on social media for his inspiring and unbelievable success story in building an e-commerce empire at such a young age. JetSetFly is the founder of, a neuromarketer, internet entrepreneur, and public speaker. He is one of the most innovative, respected, and influential marketers and entrepreneurs among Generation Z. He has already generated hundreds of thousands of leads at the age of 24, selling over $20 million in products and services online in less than a decade.

As of right now, the brand employs 45 people and is fast growing. Founded by two TikTok influencers most known for their work with the sell out of their 5,555 NFT release – The Junior Punks. Paid advertising professionals, authors, illustrators, developers and content creators form the core of their team.

Twitter has been buzzing over’s impending Paper Boyz initiative. One of the most cutting-edge NFTs on the market, this one will run on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection has quickly earned a large popularity. On Twitter, YouTube, Google, and Instagram, it’s being promoted by some of the most well-known marketing agencies in the world today.


Looking at their nostalgic artwork that is catching eyes in the NFT World, Edgar Vehbiu lead artist for the project has worked on some of the most successful mobile app games, such as Angry Birds and FIFA Mobile, as its principal animation artist. To date, his art animations have been downloaded more than a billion times, making him a global star.’s Paper Boyz community is for people who want to enhance their careers in the field of NFTs. Anyone from novices to experts can benefit from NFT. Every Paper Boyz comes with a free lifetime membership to the Discord alpha community.

If you own a subscription to Paper Boyz by, you may attend the NFTMag Conference in Miami in October 2022, the world’s largest invitation only NFT conference. NFT founders, entrepreneurs, marketers, investors, sales trainers, and motivational speakers are among the expected attendees, who will come from more than 40 nations.

Written in partnership with Amir Bakian



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