James Helm has been through it all, making him exactly who you want on your side when things go wrong. Helm founded TopDog Law, a personal injury law firm that serves clients in all fifty states. His journey from drug addict to top lawyer has made him a fighter. Let Helm fight for you when you need a personal injury lawyer.

Helm’s addiction began in high school, during the height of the opioid crisis. Like many others who got hooked on prescription painkillers, Helm was given pain pills after a sports injury and had no idea how this incident would change his life. Soon, he was utterly dependent on painkillers but still highly functional. He enrolled in college and was outwardly doing fine while falling apart inside. Eventually, he confessed his addiction to his parents when he felt there was nowhere left for him to go. He was able to get clean and get into law school. Helm went from the 99th percentile to the top ten percent of his class in the first semester before he struggled with his addiction again.

After a stint in rehab, Helm has stayed clean thanks to an effective twelve-step program. He graduated from law school with a lucrative job offer from one of Philadelphia’s top firms–but turned it down. At this point, Helm knew precisely what he wanted to do with his life: to help as many people as possible. He started TopDog Law soon after, seeking to aid anyone with a personal injury case. As with any new business, TopDog Law initially struggled to find clients and establish a reputation. However, Helm’s innovative approach to marketing has made TopDog Law successful.

TopDog Law is one of the only law firms that does much business over social media. Helm’s idea was to use social media to market the firm and do business. He frequently receives direct messages on Instagram from potential clients and is happy to follow up on these leads. People who need his help do not always know how to contact a more traditional law firm, but Helm pays attention to the people who reach out to him in unconventional ways. He often answers questions about car accidents, slips and falls, and medical malpractice through Instagram.

From his life experience, Helm knows it can be challenging to ask for help. He makes himself and TopDog Law accessible to everyone because he has been in that situation. Addiction made him shameful and desperate at different times, and his goal is to reach people from all walks of life and in any situation who might need help. TopDog Law is based in Philadelphia, but Helm works with clients all over the U.S. through an extensive network of lawyers nationwide.

James Helm may not be your typical lawyer, but he might be exactly who you need. Helm will fight for what you are owed: when you win, he wins. TopDog Law is the place to go if you have recently experienced an injury. Contact Helm on Instagram to find out if you have a case.


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