Finding the right bra for different body shapes and outfits can prove to be a challenging feat. Bodies are constantly fluctuating, after all, and women need bras for various occasions and silhouettes. It is widely known that approximately 80 percent of women are wearing the wrong bra size, which speaks to a bigger issue of ill-fitting bras.

Whether undergoing a breast augmentation, breast cancer treatment, or simply searching for the right everyday bra, the task remains as daunting as ever. Dr. Jerry Chidester, aka Dr. Chiddy, has co-created a bra that is designed for post-operation, while also being ideal for everyday wear.

The SoMē Bra is comfortable, form-fitting, and fashionable and is great for those undergoing breast augmentation or reconstructive surgery during cancer treatment. During the month of October, Dr. Chiddy and his team spearheaded the SoMē initiative, where they donate a SoMē Bra to breast cancer survivors for every bra purchased.

“This can be a huge cost burden,” said Dr. Chiddy. “In the first year of breast cancer treatment, the average out-of-pocket costs average around $42,000, even with insurance. Having to buy new bras is an added cost, so this is a great way to help women who have undergone breast cancer reconstruction.”

Dr. Chiddy is an esteemed, board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. He earned his medical degree from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and completed his residency training at the University of Utah. Dr. Chiddy is best known for his breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, facelifts, and body contouring expertise.

Along with his highly regarded work in plastic surgery, Dr. Chiddy also enjoys posting fun content on social media. He boasts more than 106k followers on Instagram and more than 87k on TikTok. He posts before-and-after photos of his patients, along with silly content in the office and glimpses into his personal life, including his family.

Dr. Chiddy married his high school sweetheart, who he has been married to for 19 years now. While he was in medical school and they were just beginning to build their family, he realized that he did not want to be away from his family all the time. This helped guide his decision to choose the plastic surgery path.

“I didn’t understand the depth of the field, and then I realized that this was for me,” explained Dr. Chiddy. “I can do something where I won’t ever get bored, and no surgery is ever the same.”

His office, The Plastics Clinic, is located in Utah, just south of Salt Lake City. Dr. Chiddy excels in surgical techniques, showcasing expertise in various procedures, including his innovative SoMē Breast Augmentation, which inspired the name for the SoMē Bra. First of all, the name SoMē comes from the abbreviated form of social media, which Dr. Chiddy says the outcome of each procedure will be so great that the patient will want to flaunt their results on social media.

Secondly, the SoMē Breast Augmentation is completely customized to meet each client’s goal. When the procedure is complete, each person will look in the mirror and say to themselves, “This is SoMe!”

Once the procedure is complete, the SoMē bra will be great for those postoperative days when comfort is paramount. However, it will be ideal for everyday wear even long after the surgery and recovery are complete.

Dr. Chiddy works with many women who have had children and are looking for a makeover. While many people call this type of surgery a “mommy makeover,” Dr. Chiddy likes to call it a “mommy takeover.”

“It’s more empowering for these women to take their bodies back,” said Dr. Chiddy. “I started doing these surgeries, and it has been so fascinating to see women get their bodies back and now have a version that is similar to before they had kids. They aren’t wanting these crazy augmentations; they just want to look how they did before they had kids.”

In addition to the mommy takeovers, breast augmentations and breast reductions, Dr. Chiddy and The Plastics Clinic offer their clients a wide range of innovative cosmetic, laser, and health and wellness treatment options. Dr. Chiddy and his team provide special care and attention to each patient, and they want to ensure that no decision is made out of haste.

“My whole goal is never to have anyone come in the door and make an impulse decision,” he said. “We’re not buying a car here. This is a permanent change to your body, so impulse should be removed from any plastic surgery decision. My goal is to educate my patients and spend time with them to ensure they are mentally and physically fit for an operation.”

Whether looking into a plastic surgery procedure or looking for a post-operative or everyday bra with the SoMē bra, visit The Plastics Clinic to learn more.

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