As we shed the cool frost of winter and embrace the budding flowers, don’t you feel the urge to spice up your surroundings and lifestyle? That’s why we have a full-blown list of spring break essentials that will help you celebrate sober and still have a great time.

From trendy fashion to futuristic gadgets to awe-inspiring lifestyle products, these head-turners will jazz up your spring break and have you turning heads at every corner! Let’s start planning the perfect spring vacation.

TribeTokes: Stay Powered Up On the Go With Vape Batteries

Photo Source: TribeTokes

If you’re looking to reduce or remove alcohol from your spring vacation plans, you may be considering other ways to relax and have a good time. That might include THC and CBD, depending on where you live and where you’re going. Enjoying these options can require a few handy tools, however, which is why you’ll want to consider the cart battery options from TribeTokes.

You can pair non-psychotropic but relaxing CBD vapes with this chic cart battery collection from TribeTokes. These vape batteries for cartridges can be used for a range of cannabis extracts, including THC, CBD, live resin, Delta 8, and HHC, so you can enjoy your spring break without having to worry about the morning hangover.

Thanks to TribeTokes, you have options. You deserve a battery kit that fits your lifestyle and needs. A foldable, travel-friendly vape is likely the best choice if you’re traveling for spring break, but you might also consider a mini vape battery, the Wand Adjustable Voltage Vape Pen, and even a battery bundle. Find what you need to stick to your sober spring break goals with TribeTokes.

ElleVet Sciences: Protect Your Pet While Traveling With Dog CBD

ElleVet Sciences
Photo Source: ElleVet Sciences

Spring break gives us a chance to escape to someplace new, but what about our pets? Whether they’re coming along or staying behind, spring vacation can be stressful for pets, which is why you may want to consider dog CBD+CBDA products from ElleVet Sciences.

Their CBD+CBDA dog chews can help with a range of challenges your favorite pets face, including joint mobility, skin health, and cognitive needs. It also works wonders in providing dogs relief from stress and agitation, so you don’t need to worry about corralling your pup on the plane or coming home to a shredded couch. For especially stressed-out pets, consider their Calm & Comfort Chews, specifically designed for high-stress situations like vet visits or thunderstorms.

You’ll have a range of options and products for both dogs and cats, including chews, soft gels, and oils, as well as CBD paste for cats. Every pet is different, so pick out a product that meets their specific needs and helps provide them the relief they deserve — and gives pet parents peace of mind, too.

Once spring break comes around, you won’t have to worry about your favorite pup. Pet CBD+CBDA from ElleVet Sciences makes travel easy, and coming home to your pet will be more special than ever.

Boisson: Tickle the Palate With Non-Alcoholic Wine

How about some sophisticated indulgence minus the alcohol? Yes, you heard right! This spring break, it’s easy to stick to your sober celebration because the trend of non-alcoholic wines has taken the beverage industry by storm! Who’s leading the parade? None other than Boisson.

Boisson’s bold non-alcoholic wine and cocktails are made for those who fancy a classy glass of wine but seek to avoid the heady aftermath. Each bottle is crafted with care, exuding elegance and complex flavors that never compromise on the authentic wine experience. Now, you can enjoy that tantalizing grape goodness without worrying about the morning-after blues.

Sip at a lake house, refresh yourself on an island, or score for the perfect accompaniment to your evening reading at home. Boisson’s non-alcoholic wine has got you covered. Toast to the good times and keep your palate tickled with this must-have spring essential.

Mad Rabbit: Ease Your Tattoo Journey With Numbing Cream

Mad Rabbit
Photo Source: Mad Rabbit

Do you have tattoo plans for spring break, but you’re dreading the needle’s pinch? Let us introduce your new BFF for the inking journey — Mad Rabbit’s tattoo numbing cream.

Mad Rabbit’s tattoo numbing cream works like magic. Applied before the designing begins, it significantly numbs the inked area, making it ideal for first-timers and those with a low pain threshold. By curbing discomfort and pain, this cream allows you to fully engage with the beauty of body art, making the entire experience more enjoyable and less nerve-wracking.

Designed to be effective yet gentle on the skin, Mad Rabbit’s cream ensures you’re at ease during the process without hindering the artist. With this outstanding product, you no longer need to limit your self-expression due to the fear of pain or take medication you’d rather avoid. Spring vacation is the perfect time to step out of your comfort zone, and Mad Rabbit can help.

Magellan Jets: Soar the Skies in Style With Private Jet Charter Flights

Magellan Jets
Photo Source: Magellan Jets

Don’t just fly this spring break — soar! Unleash your passion for travel and luxury at new heights with Magellan Jets’ private jet charter flights. Imagine cruising above the clouds in your personal heaven, sipping sparkling cider and admiring the breathtaking view. Yes, dear readers, it’s as heavenly as it sounds, and it’s the perfect way to spring into the season.

Magellan Jets provides an exceptional, bespoke flying experience unlike any other. Thanks to unparalleled service and luxurious amenities, every detail, from the plush interiors to the personalized menu, is designed with your utmost comfort in mind. Plus, with flexible scheduling and access to less-trafficked airports, forget worrying about travel hassles this spring recess.

Embarking on a spontaneous trip to a remote island or flying over to a friend across the country for a surprise party just got simpler. Pack your bags, step aboard, and let Magellan Jets take you wherever your heart desires.

Rocksmith+: Perfect Your Strum With a Guitar Tuner

Photo Source: Rocksmith+

This spring, fine-tune your hobby and serenade the season with perfectly harmonized melodies, thanks to Rocksmith+’s guitar tuner. Whether you’re a budding musician or a seasoned rocker, this guitar tuner is all you need to ensure your strings reverberate with flawless accuracy.

Created for music lovers and designed with an understanding of audio technology, Rocksmith+ guitar tuner is user-friendly and intuitive. You’ll have your guitar sounding concert-ready in no time, and you’ll be able to enjoy the best part of spring vacation without the booze.

With accurate tuning and quick response time, this guitar tuner is ready to capture those perfect pitches and drive those off-key blues away. Now, backyard jamming sessions and impromptu sing-alongs just got more exciting. Strum your way through spring break and make each note count.

Snoozy: Enjoy Total Relief With Delta 9 Gummies

Photo Source: Snoozy

As the world gets more vibrant with blooming flowers and bright sunshine, why not add some color to your wellness regime, too? Rejuvenate and relax this spring break with Snoozy’s Delta 9 gummies. Bursting with vibrant hues and delicious flavors, these gummies are set to make your wellness journey a tad sweeter and a lot more intriguing, all without a drink.

Crafted with care, Snoozy’s gummies infuse the benefits of Delta 9 with a rainbow of juicy fruit flavors. They’re unique and delicious and offer a fun, convenient way to experience Delta 9’s potential benefits. These power-packed nibbles could lend a hand with sleep disruptions and those long nights when you just can’t seem to wind down.

Thanks to Snoozy, wellness now comes in a packet of irresistible, colorful chewables. Grab a jar, kick back in your hammock, and enjoy the delightful ride to relaxation.

FUNBOY: Float on Cloud Nine With Pool Floats

Photo Source: FUNBOY

The spring holidays offer plenty of chances to pop into the pool, and what’s better than making a splash? Lounging on the water, of course! With FUNBOY’s charmingly inventive pool floats, you’ll not just be floating — you’ll be soaring on cloud nine, and you won’t even need a drink in your hand.

FUNBOY’s pool floats are the epitome of joy, style, and comfort. Mesmerizing designs and intense colors add a playful twist to your pool parties and beach outings. Crafted from durable materials, these floats invite everyone — kids, adults, novice swimmers, and sun-worshippers — to relax, frolic, or soak up some vitamin D. Just inflate, float, and let the good times roll. Spring vacation just got a splash of fun with FUNBOY.

Olipop: Enjoy Fizz With a Health Twist With Every Sip of Prebiotic Soda

Swapping cocktails for water might not feel like a lot of fun, but swapping them for Olipop’s prebiotic soda can be an exciting step on your sober journey. Olipop is revolutionizing the traditional soda concept. This innovation fizzes with taste, verve, and a health twist that’s hard to miss.

The soda, made from all-natural ingredients, includes prebiotics — fuel for your gut’s friendly bacteria, promoting a healthier tummy and a happier you. It’s much more than a fizzy delight — it’s a bubbly wellspring of health designed for your well-being and palate. No more compromising your gut health for that bubbly craving.

Olipop marries tasty flavors with well-being in a can of sheer goodness. Open a can, sip away, and let the fizzy taste bring your spring to life.

BUBS Naturals: Redefine Beauty From Within With Collagen Peptides Powder

As the flowers bloom and the sun shines brighter, it’s time to let your skin glow from within with BUBS Naturals collagen peptides powder. There’s no better addition to your sober spring break routine.

Collagen is a significant booster for skin health, playing a pivotal role in maintaining its elasticity and hydration. BUBS Naturals taps into this, offering a premium collagen peptides powder that seamlessly slips into your diet and helps restore your skin’s youthful vitality.

Infuse it into your morning coffee or smoothies, and voilà — your skin health booster is served. Backed by science and lauded by happy users, BUBS Naturals collagen peptides powder is the path to that radiant glow.

Bombshell Sportswear: Enhance Your Workout Fashion With Scrunch Butt Leggings

Say goodbye to mundane workout wear and hello to spring’s hottest trend: Bombshell Sportswear scrunch butt leggings. These amazing leggings aren’t just regular gym attire. Think of them as your workout buddy who helps you look fabulous while breaking a sweat — and that’s what spring break is for.

Our favorite thing about these leggings? The scrunch butt design — it helps accentuate your curves and adds a flirty vibe to your workout ensemble. Bombshell Sportswear scrunch butt leggings are made from breathable yet durable fabric that is perfect for everyday wear while ensuring maximum flexibility and comfort.

Trust us: your yoga classes, morning runs, or gym sessions won’t be the same once you’ve experienced Bombshell Sportswear. Amp up your workout fashion and get ready to turn heads at the gym this spring — and to look cute doing it.

Sunmed: Immerse in Relief With 1000mg CBD Cream

After a day of intense dance parties (yes, during the day) and beach games, treat your body to the soothing touch of Sunmed’s CBD cream 1000mg. Experience the pleasure of relief seeping into your sore muscles and taking away the fatigue. It’s not just a cream. It’s a jar of pure, therapeutic bliss.

Infused with high-quality CBD, Sunmed’s cream is quickly absorbed into the skin, targeting areas of discomfort and providing prompt relief. It’s a perfect companion for those hectic spring days when you need an instant calming effect, and you can skip the glass of wine at the end of the night.

The best part? It’s packed with natural ingredients that will leave your skin nourished and refreshed. Add it to your post-workout cooling down session or your bedtime routine and wake up rejuvenated.

Editorialist: Sweeten the Splurge With the Best Designer Bags

This season is all about vibrant colors, fresh styles, and the thrill of new beginnings. What better way to embrace the party than spoiling yourself with designer bags that scream luxury and elegance?

Editorialist’s list of best designer bags are accessories, sure, but they’re also a statement. Crafted with the finest materials and sophisticated design, each piece from their guide offers a blend of fashion and functionality. Find bags suitable for all occasions, whether it’s a casual brunch or a chic cocktail party. These stellar bags are sure to cement your status as a bonafide fashionista.

The enthralling charm, the exquisite craftsmanship, the allure of luxury — Editorialist’s list of designer bags offers all this and more. Sweeten your splurge and make every moment count with chic chosen bags.

CALPAK: Travel Smart With Packing Cubes

Kick off your spring travels on a smart note with CALPAK packing cubes. Because here’s a secret — efficient packing is a skill, and with CALPAK’s packing cubes, you can master it effortlessly. Gone are the days of rummaging through your suitcase for a single item just to have it look like a tornado hit it.

CALPAK’s packing cubes are designed to provide maximum convenience and organization. Lightweight yet sturdy, these cubes come in different sizes and shapes to accommodate a range of items. Clothes, shoes, toiletries — you name it, and we’ve got a cube for it! Now, packing and repacking don’t have to eat up your vacation time.

Simply zip open the needed cube, grab your item, and zip it back — it’s efficient, tidy, and downright satisfying. Travel smarter, not harder, this spring with CALPAK.

Sea Eagle: Make Waves With an Inflatable Kayak

What’s spring vacation without a dash of adventure? And when you think adventure, think Sea Eagle’s inflatable kayak. Designed for thrill-seekers who wish to ride the waves and explore the unexplored, this kayak assures excitement, safety, and convenience.

Sea Eagle understands the thrill of water adventures, which is why its inflatable kayak is crafted to offer an optimum balance of performance, stability, and ease of use. It can weather the wild yet fit snugly even in compact spaces when deflated.

For beginners or seasoned kayakers, Sea Eagle’s inflatable kayak promises a ride like no other. Brace yourself, paddle hard, and carve some unforgettable memories this spring break.

Spring into Action With These 2024 Spring Break Essentials

Our guide to embracing this year’s spring vacation with style and enthusiasm is all you need to start the celebration right. From savoring non-alcoholic wines to making waves with inflatable kayaks, this spring break will be one for the books. With the right tools, you’re prepped for the season and guaranteed to make the most of every moment.

But remember, it’s not just about the products. It’s about the experiences they unlock and the memories they facilitate. We invite you to embrace these items, indulge in the adventures they promise, and let this spring vacation be the season where you unveil your most vibrant self. Until next time, stay happy, stay excited, and keep living the sober spring break lifestyle.



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