In New York City’s bustling streets, where the pulse of commerce beats the strongest, there’s a breed of legal eagles who are soaring high above the rest. Among them, a figure stands out — not only for his formidable legal prowess but also for an impeccable sense of style that turns heads in courtrooms and boardrooms alike.

Meet Steve Olenick, the power lawyer whose sharp wit is matched only by his impeccable fashion sense. Olenick is ready to rise to any challenge, whether he’s advocating for his clients or sharing top legal advice with the next generation — and he promises to always look his best while doing it.

Who Is Steve Olenick?

As a partner at one of NYC’s most prestigious law firms, he navigates the complexities of corporate law with finesse and determination. Still, it’s not just his legal acumen that commands attention. It’s his flair for fashion that truly sets him apart.

“Much like in the practice of law, attention to detail is everything in fashion,” Olenick says.

In tailored suits that exude authority, he effortlessly combines sophistication with a touch of flair.  His collection of power pieces is meticulously curated to convey confidence and professionalism, a testament to his meticulous attention to detail. He works hard to gain his clients’ trust from the first impression and continues to earn it throughout their partnership.

Olenick’s style isn’t just confined to the courtroom or boardroom.  Whether he is attending high-profile meetings, a charity event, or going out for a night on the town, he effortlessly transitions from power player to fashion role model.

“I often have meetings five to six days a week, so every meeting occasion is an opportunity to make a statement,” explains Olenick.

His busy schedule is filled with moments to provide information and support to his clients, and he knows that looking his best is an important part of providing the whole package.

Standing Out — and Standing Up To Conformity

In the world of law, where rules are rigid and conformity is often prized, Olenick stands as a beacon of creativity and confidence. With his sharp intellect and impeccable sense of style, he reminds us that true power lies not only in knowledge but also in the ability to defy expectations and forge your own path.

As he continues to redefine his role in the legal profession, one thing is clear: Steve Olenick is not just a power lawyer. He’s a style revolutionary, leaving an indelible mark on the legal landscape one fashionable step at a time.

The Legal Runway: Where to Find Steve Olenick

Olenick believes in practicing what you preach. As Chair of the Sports & Entertainment Practice, he knows the value of first impressions and how important it can be to walk through the door — to the courtroom, the classroom, or the boardroom — with your head held high.

Not only does he work tirelessly to support the athletes you love, but he also lends his expertise and guidelines to the news, industry publications, and universities nationwide. And he does it all with elegance and unflappable style.

Olenick believes that a well-tailored suit is about so much more than fabric and buttons. It’s about showing your clients that they deserve the best. It’s about giving them the confidence to put their trust, their careers, and their lives in your hands. It’s about delivering the best possible version of yourself and your work every time.

There’s no question that he delivers the best possible version, whether he’s helping star athletes or celebrities structure a deal or he’s providing a private equity fund client with the legal support they need to build, grow, and expand. Clients can trust that Olenick puts the same level of care and detail into his legal work as his attire.

Building a Better Tomorrow: Teaching, Mentoring, and Leading

Olenick’s work is about building a better world. He supports his clients to get them the compensation and benefits they deserve, and he provides for his community by giving back each and every day.

Olenick is known for his work as an expert lawyer who doesn’t back down when it comes to client needs, but there’s so much more to discover below the surface. That’s why he shares his experiences and expertise with as many people as possible, reaching out through news channels like Bloomberg and in top newspapers, including “Sports Business Journal.”

Of course, advocating for his clients, giving back to his community, and sharing his expertise aren’t the only ways Olenick shows his support. He’s also a staple in the classroom, with writing published in law journals at universities such as the University of Texas and NYU School of Law. Jumping off the page, Olenick lectures and speaks extensively at schools nationwide, including top names like Columbia Law School, the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School, and the Wharton School of Business.

Olenick’s history of education doesn’t end there. He has also served as an adjunct professor at Manhattanville College, where he focused his coursework and education on the legal and ethical sides of the sports world.

These are just a few of the ways Olenick wants to provide for the next generation of legal enthusiasts and help create a better world through law, support, and education. He believes that true style looks like leaving a legacy of mentorship and teamwork behind, and he’s proud to pass along the importance of looking your best while doing your best.

Steve Olenick: Stylish ‘Til the Last Look

When the time comes to sign and structure your next deal, you want to know you have the support of a lawyer who rises to the challenge. With his elegant suits and enviable style, Steve Olenick is the lawyer you’ve been waiting for, standing up, standing out, and always fighting for the needs of his clients.

Olenick believes in fairness and justice, and it all starts with looking his best. An expert in the world of sports law, when Olenick goes to bat for his clients, he does it in a look that won’t soon be forgotten. He understands the world of high-profile clients and cases and knows just how important it is to make a great first impression.

From sports transactions and partnerships to expert advice on financial matters, Olenick continues to make a name for himself, and continues to have a dependable sense of style that always seems to make a statement.






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