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Three suns are grouped in the Japanese graphic that portrays high reflectivity and describes precious gems like diamonds. Each facet of a finished diamond is as brilliant as a sun. And Mike Diamond is precisely that, created from the heat and pressure of his turbulent life and finished to a brilliance we all want to aspire to meet.

Mike is a rising star with compound facets to his persona, including being a television personality, director, life coach, and interventionist. You may know him from mainstream TV shows like NY Ink and Bondi Ink Tattoo Crew; however, when he’s not doing that, he is tirelessly working on many other projects and supporting his followers.

Diamond draws strength from his past to deliver deep insights and thoughtful inspiration to his audience. This has drawn in followers in their droves who bask in his light on a journey to self-improvement and empowerment. To help those that flock to him, he has released a new book, ‘A Dose of Positivity,’ to complement his previous treatment, ‘7 Steps to an Unbreakable Mindset’.

If you’re only hearing of Mike Diamond now, you may be asking yourself, why should I listen to him over others; what will I get from his help?

Mike’s drive to help others stems from his demons, which he overcame against all odds. His turbulent childhood in Australia involved drugs and alcohol from age 12 to his school expulsion at 16. Not to mention an abusive childhood. Yet, he is no different from many that seek his help, only a few steps ahead.

Mike Diamond gained a helping hand when he received a Green Card Lottery Ticket and emigrated to Miami. This catapulted him on a path to becoming his own man. Although this came at a price of spiritual bankruptcy, which left him hollow, it was the start he needed. For this reason, he can help others find a practical path through the past and into the future. In 2006, it was in the face of early death; mike decided to take action.

Diamond’s books help crystalize what he did and how you can avoid unnecessary turmoil by striving to be the best person you can make yourself. Mike’s latest book masterfully defines essential steps in turning your life around and creating positive changes. Likewise, you also learn how to avoid pitfalls throughout the process, and upon reaching your true potential, you will find yourself staying on track with old habits. This work is a culmination and testament to the power of change and self-belief.


Mike Diamond understands your path is unique, but it’ll have similar traits derived from the exact fundamental mechanisms that need changing. Going through self-improvement is a continual struggle, so why do it alone? Instead, use Mike’s teachings and inspirational insights to lead you to health, wealth, and prosperity.

Drawing from his own monumental experiences of challenge and triumph, Mike shares in Dose of Positivity a path for staying true to oneself. Regain the strength needed to overcome adversity by tuning into your intuition – and discover profound lessons on how trust in yourself can drive you towards success while creating meaningful positive change.

Read A Dose of Positivity and his book ‘7 Steps to an Unbreakable Mindset’ to get the inside step to becoming who you are. You are a diamond in the rough who will shine in every aspect of your life with Mike’s help!


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