In life, accidents are going to happen, but it can be a very traumatizing experience for those who suffer serious and complex injuries at the hands of someone else’s error. Going to court to get the compensation you deserve can seem daunting, too overwhelming, and frightening, making finding the right legal representation key. The main goals of a lawyer are to assist their clients in navigating their legal complex cases while also effectively advocating for them and finding justice. Charles Buist of Spetsas Buist Accident Injury Lawyers, an accident and injury law firm based in Orlando, Florida, treats his clients like family members.

The importance of a good lawyer cannot be overstated. Skilled attorneys ensure people are treated fairly, protect their client’s rights, and assist in traversing the legal system. What makes an attorney great is seeing their clients as individuals instead of case numbers; they can truly empathize with their client’s situations.

Empathy is a unique approach to Charles Buist’s practice of law. Early in life, this lawyer experienced the hardships associated with a devastating auto accident that forever changed his pathway in life. As a young child, witnessing his parents receive injuries from a car accident that involved a vehicle defect reshaped Buist’s childhood, who found himself feeling helpless in aiding his family during the aftermath of this ordeal. This feeling now drives Buist daily to fight for his clients, providing a voice for those who deserve it.

But not just this car accident propelled Buist down a legal pathway. Growing up in his father’s dentist’s office and eventually working as a dental assistant showed Buist the many individuals who came for help after receiving dental injuries. This harsh reality of carelessness and disregard for another person’s well-being left a lasting impression on Buist, which further motivated him to assist injured individuals and guide them toward justice – ultimately choosing to pursue a career in law.

Despite growing up with his father in dentistry, Buist returned to his family’s roots. Coming from a long line of Charleston, South Carolina attorneys, Buist attended the College of Charleston for his undergraduate degree and eventually moved on to the University of South Carolina. This blend of personal experience with the law running through his blood has helped strengthen Buist’s skills in the courtroom and the relationships he can build with clients.

Today, Buist is a respected and recognized lawyer, being honored as a Rising Star by Super Lawyers and recognized as Top 40 under 40 by The National Trial of Lawyers in 2023. This esteemed award is given only to the top trial lawyers in each state or region under 40.

While his roots may be in South Carolina, after meeting his wife, Alexa Buist, at the University of South Carolina, the couple’s soft spot for the beach led them to Orlando, Florida, where they can soak up the sun and waves with their baby boy. Orlando’s centralized location makes it an excellent spot for his law firm, Spetsas Buist Accident Injury Lawyers, to grow and succeed while also allowing Buist to serve better the community he loves.

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