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When life throws you lemons, make lemonade, except if life throws them in your eye, in that case, make music. A mantra country-rock singer Kelly Monrow has lived by, and it’s brought her to where she is today, climbing the charts, and inspiring women everywhere to keep going forward. Her powerful voice is starting to shine in the music industry as a refreshing reminder that there are still artists making music that is pure at heart.

With a series of hit songs, like Jagged Little-Heart, and The Women, Monrow’s music is bringing together a huge fan base around the turmoil that is the reality of being a woman. One in particular “Mama Said”, is a testament to the wisdom of mothers everywhere, including hers, who supported her through the thick and thin of her tango with Tinsel-town. The song recounts the strength of a  mother’s love with the grit of a country-rock ballad. Soothing melody and lyrics that hit home, “Mama Said” has been climbing through the streaming ranks and by the looks of it is about to be a chart-topping hit and staple for the new sound of country-music.

Kelly Monrow

Embracing her full feminine-energy, Monrow is not just a singer – she’s a multi-talented artist that works just as well in a pair of Louboutins as she does in cowboy boots. With a background in modelling and acting, her album art throughout “Scars on Venus” are a raw and honest reflection of her experience as a real life Venus. How she found the strength to overcome adversity and find joy in life is all in the lyrics. Anyone going through a personal mishap, not to say crisis, should put on this record and let the words inspire and take you away.

A true icon in every sense of the word, her music is more than just notes and melodies, it’s an embodiment of the human spirit. With each song, she shows listeners a new angle of the light that comes from the beacon of hope. We are not alone in our struggles and wounds will always heal, let her journey be a reminder. No matter what life throws at you, you too can rise above it all and achieve your dreams, let her music show you the way.


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