The Founder and CEO spent years operating from a place of toxicity. That’s until she shifted her focus inward and learned that self-acceptance could have a positive ripple effect on those around her and the corporate world at large.

“Since adopting this new mindset, my team’s energy has shifted, and now our clients want to bring a culture of consciousness into their own companies,” says the CEO of DotConnect, Dominique Farnan. Today “little by little, company by company, we are making a positive impact through conscious connection.”

Founder, speaker, and best-selling author of Now Here: A Journey from Toxic Boss to Conscious Connector, Dominique Farnan is a leader known for her authenticity, vulnerability, and passion for creating more impactful workplaces. She has caught the attention of leaders globally, with, Inc. Magazine naming DotConnect as one of the fastest-growing companies in America.

Since scaling her Los Angeles-based company’s first year of business to $3M, her tribe of ‘unicorn hunters’ has changed the game in recruiting with a formula for success that is proven and effective.

Although that wasn’t always the case.

Farnan “brings over 20 years of experience marrying the art of talent acquisition with human-first leadership.” But before her shift to a conscious mindset, Farnan was struggling internally and in a way that impacted her business and those around her.

“I spent two decades living an unhealthy, workaholic lifestyle that cost me everything from relationships to the beginnings of motherhood,” affirms Farnan. “I was not an active participant in my life, and as a result, I was bringing negativity to others. It was time to make a change, or else I knew I ran the risk of losing everything.”

She continues, “It wasn’t until I surrendered to deep inner work that I realized I had it all wrong: it’s not just about accolades and validation, but personal relationships and inner peace.”

With the help of her coach who provided her with seemingly simple strategies and tactics she could employ on a daily basis, she learned that meaningful and lasting change had to begin by confronting what she had ignored for most of her life.

For so long, she had been “emotionally closed off,” letting the toxicity pull her toward the darkness. However, once she was able to make a conscious change in herself, she wanted to help make change for others.

“I shifted focus to how I could serve my team and support them in their growth. What I do in our company now is ensure that regardless of whether they stay with us for a day, a year, five years, or forever – it’s the best time of your career,” articulates Farnan.

This awakening positively rippled across all sub-categories, from family and friends to the team that loyally stood alongside her. This reconnection to her inner purpose also reminded Farnan of why she started her business in the first place – to reflect the legacy of her dearly departed grandmother.

Dorothy “Dottie” Constance “saw the light in others and was a steadfast cheerleader to those around her” – and now it was time to do the same.

Dominique Farnan

Today, Farnan is bringing radical change to the talent industry through mindfulness, generosity of spirit, and a sense of compassion that values relationship building.

“When everyone is tapped into their individual power, it creates the momentum that you want to see in the collective and your team,” Farnan says. “I have worked with over 400 companies, and there are so many out there that do not know what it means to be a conscious leader, but today there are so many who want to be a part of the change,” says Farnan.

“So, I work with them,” she continues. “It means truly understanding who you hire and their value to the table and the broader team. It means leading with empathy and remembering that we are all human.”

Today, just as Farnan finds harmony for her team, she cultivates it with her clients and their hires.

From breath work and sound healing sessions on Zoom to learning how to show up and be the light in the dark places of corporate, Dominique Farnan is planting seeds of hope – a ripple effect to note.

For more information on how to do the same for your business, connect with Dominique Farnan on LinkedIn or check out DotConnect’s website here. Better yet, grab a copy of the book Now Here for you and your team to share – it’s one of those life lessons we all need to inspire to.

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