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Parenthood can be messy, but one can get through anything with a little innovation. Parents are always trying to do what is best for their little ones, and that’s why this year’s Showfields in NYC made sure to bring all of the most innovative parenting brands together in one place. Showfields’ The Future of Parenting event, is a pop-up of innovative women-owned parenting brands that will take place in New York City from April through September of 2022. 

Emerging brands Fawn DesignEmbebaKudosBegin HealthYumble and Cybex were showcased at the rooftop event at Showfields as the most forward-thinking in the industry. These are the motherhood brands that will, innovatively, support all in parenthood 


Fawn Design

Fawn Design is a luxury diaper bag company that encompasses innovation with their high-end parenting bags and accessories. As seen on Ashton KutcherJillian Harris and Emma RobertsFawn Design is known for its ability to create the perfect blend between fashion and practicality. Despite achieving exponential success from their first ever product, Fawn Design continues to be praised for its famous Motherhood Bundle, which includes the Fawn Design Original Bag, Changing Clutch, Stroller Hooks, Bottle Bag, and Paci Case. The design put out by Fawn Design supports all parents in the parenthood journey.   



Embeba is an innovative natural family skincare brand on a mission to destress and ‘de-mess’ the way we care for our sensitive skin. They have created a clean formula full of flowers and herbs for all the skin rashes our children are vulnerable to. Embeba understands that new parents are busier than ever, but also more conscious than ever, and have created a product to ease their minds, while providing ease of mind during their busy schedule. This pop-up is about breaking away from family products of the past and leaping forward with innovations that truly serve the needs of the modern parent.  




Kudos is on a mission to protect babies’ sensitive skin, the planet…and your white couch. With 4x more plant-based and with 2x the absorption layers, Kudos is the first and only disposable diaper where a baby’s bum touches 100% cotton all day. Not plastic. Why cotton? Cotton is naturally soft, sustainable, and it’s the #1 doctor-recommended material for those suffering from rash or eczema. In the words of Founder & CEO of KudosAmrita Saigal“This brand puts baby’s safely, parents’ sanity, and planet sincerity first”. 


Begin Health

Begin Health is on a mission to fight chronic gut microbiome disturbances in kids, a battle many parents are unaware of. Children commonly experience painful and uncomfortable bowel movements during early development due to irritation in their microbiome. Begin Health‘s Growing-up Prebiotics are the first tasteless and textureless toddler and kids’ prebiotic built to enable softer, more comfortable stooling and improve the friendly bacteria in gut microbiome. The company empowers parents with the knowledge and tools to optimize their kids’ health, starting in the command center of health in their growing little body—the gut. 



Yumble was founded by moms for moms. The undeniable business that comes with being a mother is what prompted Yumble. As a service that provides families with organic and yummy pre-made meals for kids, Yumble takes mealtime stress off your plate. No more scanning the fridge or feeding your kids empty calories. Yumble provides your children with the food they need to best fuel their growing bodies. Time with your littles ones is precious, and with Yumble you can get back an hour of your day and spend it being present with the ones you love most.  



Cybex is the absolute go-to for babies’ car seats, strollers, high seats, baby carriers and more. Cybex not only has some of the most advanced technology when it comes to their products, but they also cater their brand to be perfect for the urban lifestyle. Their three-pronged strategy of unique design, unsurpassed safety and quality, and intelligent functionality, is what makes them the leader in child safety, design, and function.  

A few simple switches in your household can make a huge impact on the bundles of joy that live within your four walls. You will never be able to prevent the next spill or the next masterpiece they may draw on your wall, but you can find immense support in the forward-thinking innovation of parents that came before you. You never know the difference one simple switch can make, and we’re grateful to Showfields for bringing these innovative companies to the forefront.

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