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Imagine waking up in the morning in a beautifully situated beach-side property in Tulum, Mexico. The sun is rising, so you head downstairs to catch a glimpse of it through the glass walls of your living room, and when you look out to sea, you watch as vibrant palm trees wave hello in the breeze, and clear blue water flows and crashes against the sand.

It’s early on a Monday morning, and you’ve seen this view a hundred times before, yet it never fails to amaze you. You enjoy rising with the sun because it makes you feel alive. The best part is, you don’t have to worry about waking up to go to work. The people you love and care for are already taken care of, so you can afford to live in the moment and enjoy the beauties of life without restraint.

If this sounds too good to be true, you’ve come to the right place to change your mindset. Because the truth is, this, or any dream of yours for that matter, can be your reality if you decide to make it happen.

You see, each and every one of us has the power to live our best life, whatever that may look like. For some, it very well may be similar to the scenario I described above, and for others, it could be completely different. Regardless, the fact of the matter is that whatever you desire can be yours. You absolutely can have it all, as long as you believe it to be possible.

This is what entrepreneur, author, mentor, and creator of Millions Manifesting, and Magic, Regan Hillyer realized long ago, and it became a foundational part of her teachings that has changed the lives of many individuals, like yourself, around the globe. Till date, she has helped to create millionaires, yes millionaires, out of people who at a certain point didn’t think it was possible.

“Part of my work is to allow people to see that any box they’ve been living in is self-inflicted, and when we completely remove that, we can create an entirely new reality with infinite possibilities,” Hillyer says, speaking to the power of letting go of toxic beliefs surrounding what’s possible.

But it is easier said than done. Manifesting your dreams takes time, energy, and effort. It’s not something that happens overnight, especially because many of the beliefs we have, such as that success is hard to obtain, or money is the root of all evil, were instilled in us as children. And sometimes without even realizing it, we make the same money decisions or follow the same patterns our parents did when we were growing up.

Like many of us, Hillyer used to have limiting beliefs surrounding money. At the grocery store or shopping mall, she would ask herself if she really could afford to make a purchase. But at a certain point she realized how detrimental that was to her success, because how could she be in a state of abundance and attract wealth into her life, if her thoughts were framed around scarcity, and not having enough money?

“I remember when I was in university, I barely had any money in my bank account,” she shares. “As I was shopping at the supermarket one day, I was adding up the total in my head. When I got to the fruit section, I saw blueberries, but they were $7 dollars so I put them back and got strawberries instead,” she adds.

“But then I stopped and thought, ‘wait, how much money am I actually saving? And what would abundance do in this scenario? Would abundance save $3.50 to buy strawberries even though they don’t like them?’ probably not,” she continues.

Just like Hillyer in this situation, if you want to change your life and be in a state of abundance, you have to change your mindset first. That means to get clear on your vision, decide that you are going to make it your reality, and let go of limiting beliefs.

Regan Hillyer i

Hillyer explains that most people never become millionaires because they don’t make that conscious choice. Setting an intention is foundational to switching your mindset as it’ll allow you to begin to believe that whatever you want to achieve is possible.

To change your mindset from limiting to abundant requires dedication, attention and intention to make it possible, and the outcome is guaranteed to be life changing. So this begs the question, if someone offered you the chance to live your best life, would you take it? If your answer is yes, it’s time to give Regan Hillyer and her teachings a try. Because each moment that you are not using to manifest your dream life, is a moment wasted.

To expand on Hillyer’s changing teachings that you learned here today, visit her website and sign up for her Millions, Manifesting, and Magic mastermind. It’s something you won’t regret!





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