Jeremy Piven shines brightly in his latest film, ‘The Performance’, a captivating cinematic experience showcasing the Piven siblings’ remarkable synergy. In this film, Jeremy masterfully portrays Harold May, a Jewish American tap dancer, delivering a performance set to captivate audiences with depth and nuance. Directed by his talented sister, Shira Piven, this collaboration represents a significant and triumphant moment in Jeremy’s career, highlighting his enduring artistic prowess and ability to continually evolve and inspire through his work. 

Quick Piven Facts 

  • Jeremy Piven collaborates with his sister, Shira Piven, on the film ‘The Performance’, where he takes on the lead actor and executive producer role, offering audiences a compelling narrative directed by Shira. 
  • The Performance has been officially selected for the 2023 Rome Film Festival and the 2024 Palm Springs International Film Festival, demonstrating the film’s critical acclaim and industry recognition. 
  • Beyond his role in ‘The Performance’, Jeremy Piven’s career highlights include an award-winning performance as Ari Gold in ‘Entourage’, the start of a stand-up comedy career, and his involvement with significant charitable and environmental advocacy. 

Jeremy Piven Teams up with Sister Shira to Bring Us The Performance 

The Performance results from Jeremy and Shira Piven combining their shared love for storytelling. As the director, Shira Piven brings her unique perspective and creative vision to the film, while Jeremy, as the executive producer and lead actor, embodies the character of Harold May, a skilled American Jewish tap dancer. The duo’s joint endeavor promises a compelling narrative that is sure to captivate audiences. 

Shira Piven, an established figure in the entertainment industry, is no stranger to directorial success. Her work on the 2014 film Welcome to Me, starring Kristen Wiig, was lauded for its originality and depth. With her directorial acumen and Jeremy’s exceptional acting, The Performance is poised to be a significant addition to their respective filmographies. 

About The Film – The Performance 

Jeremy Piven’s new film, “The Performance,” tells the story of Harold May, an American Jewish tap dancer touring Europe. The narrative takes a dramatic turn when Harold and his troupe are invited by a German attaché to perform at an exclusive event, only to discover that their audience includes Adolf Hitler. This scenario sets the stage for a profound exploration of moral dilemmas, personal identity, and the power of art in challenging circumstances. This film is set to have significant success in both the USA and around the globe. Check out the USA Premiere at the Palm Springs International Film Fest. 

2023 Rome Film Film Festival Official Selection 

The Performance’s selection for the esteemed 2023 Rome Film Festival signifies the film’s exceptional quality. Being chosen for this esteemed lineup signifies that the film has met the festival’s rigorous standards and reflects the festival’s recognition of the film’s artistic merit. 

At the Rome Film Festival, The Performance received positive reviews from critics and audiences, generating significant anticipation for its release. 

2024 Palm Springs International Film Festival Official Selection 

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Following its success at the Rome Film Festival, The Performance continued to receive accolades, becoming an official selection at the 2024 Palm Springs International Film Festival. This recognition further elevated the film’s status, affirming its appeal to audiences and critics. 

How to watch 

What: “The Performance” screening at the Palm Springs International Film Festival 

When and where: 8 p.m. Jan. 7 at the Annenberg Theater; 1:30 p.m. Jan. 12 at Regal Cinemas Palm Springs; 11 a.m. Jan. 14 at the Palm Springs Cultural Center 

The Rise of Jeremy Samuel Piven 

Jeremy Piven’s path through the entertainment industry reflects his commitment and talent. From his early beginnings, Piven showed a keen interest in acting, receiving formal training at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and the National Theater Institute at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center. His talent was evident in his teenage years when he portrayed Bernardo in West Side Story at the Harand Theater Camp. 

Piven’s first significant television role was as Jerry in The Larry Sanders Show, which began his successful television career. His appearance in Ellen DeGeneres’s sitcom Ellen further established his presence on the small screen, paving the way for his future success. 

Piven Theatre Workshop 

The Piven Theatre Workshop, established by Jeremy’s parents, Byrne and Joyce Piven, greatly influenced his acting career. The workshop in Evanston, Illinois, is known for its commitment to nurturing talent and fostering creativity. Its teaching philosophy centers on helping students uncover their unique voices through: 

  • improvisation 
  • theater games 
  • scene study 
  • story theater 

The workshop’s alumni include several distinguished actors, such as John and Joan Cusack, Aidan Quinn, Lili Taylor, and Paul Higgins. Jeremy Piven is one of its most famous alumni, indicating the workshop’s instrumental role in cultivating talent that shines on stage and screen. 

Early days in Television and Film 

Jeremy Piven’s beginnings in television and film demonstrated his range as an actor and his devotion to his craft. His roles, though varied, consistently showcased his ability to breathe life into his characters, paving the way for his future success. 

Piven’s portrayal of Jerry in The Larry Sanders Show was his first significant television role. Following this, he appeared in the sitcom Ellen, further cementing his presence in the television industry. These early roles, combined with his rigorous training, set the stage for his illustrious career. 

The Triumphs of Ari Gold on The HBO Series Entourage 

Jeremy Piven’s role as Ari Gold in Entourage on HBO is undeniably one of his most memorable performances. As a neurotic and ambitious Hollywood agent, Ari Gold was a character that resonated with audiences, propelling Piven to greater heights in his career. 

The influence of Ari Gold extended beyond the show itself, making a significant imprint on popular culture. Piven’s unique depiction of Ari Gold, his neurotic personality, and his ambitious drive became defining characteristics of the show, leaving a lasting impact on the entertainment industry. 

Jeremy Piven as Harry Selfridge 

Jeremy Piven’s portrayal of Harry Selfridge in the television series “Mr. Selfridge” is nothing short of remarkable. He brings a unique blend of charm, ambition, and vulnerability to the character, capturing the essence of the real-life retail magnate with a captivating performance. Piven’s Selfridge is a visionary, a man ahead of his time, whose passion for retail and innovation is infectious. He portrays Selfridge as a shrewd businessman and a complex, multifaceted individual with dreams, flaws, and a genuine love for his family and staff. Piven’s ability to balance the character’s larger-than-life persona with moments of personal introspection is truly impressive, making Harry Selfridge a memorable and inspiring figure. His performance is a testament to his talent, bringing depth and humanity to a historical figure and leaving a lasting impression on viewers. 

Jeremy Piven – Award Winning Performance 

Piven’s role as Ari Gold was well-received by audiences and highly praised by critics. His outstanding portrayal earned him a Golden Globe Award and three consecutive Emmy Awards, making him a recognized figure in the entertainment industry. 

In addition to his wins, Jeremy Piven received numerous nominations, including a Golden Globe nomination in 2010 for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series, Miniseries, or Motion Picture Made for Television, making him a strong contender for the title of best supporting actor. These accolades affirm his exceptional talent and his ability to captivate audiences with his performances. 

Best Supporting Actor In a Comedy Series 

In 2005, Jeremy Piven was nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. 

In 2006, Jeremy won the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series award, beating out big names such as Will Arnett, Bryan Cranston, and Sean Hayes. 

In 2007, Jeremy Piven won the award for a 2nd time, once again for his role as Ari Gold in Entourage. 

Jeremy Piven also won Outstanding Supporting Actor in a comedy series in 2008, beating out some big names such as Neil Patrick Harris, Rainn Wilson, and Kevin Dillon. 

Cultural Impact of Ari Gold 

Ari Gold’s character had a profound impact on popular culture. His definitive personality traits, unique portrayal, and ambitious drive pushed the limits of character development in television, reshaping audience expectations of characters in TV series. 

In addition to reshaping audience expectations, Ari Gold influenced the public’s perception of Hollywood agents. The character, partly inspired by real-life Hollywood agent Ari Emmanuel, added to the show’s authenticity and provided a genuine portrayal of the competitive realm of Hollywood. To this date, people are still in love with this show and hoping Jeremy Piven and crew will eventually give us the Entourage Reboot we are all waiting for. 

Best of Jeremy Piven Movies and TV shows 

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Beyond Entourage, Jeremy Piven has an impressive filmography that showcases his acting prowess. His notable film roles include appearances in films such as Serendipity and Grosse Pointe Blank, where he delivered stellar performances that left audiences and critics alike in awe. 

On the small screen, Jeremy Piven continued to captivate audiences with his portrayal of Harry Selfridge in the British television series Mr. Selfridge, inspired by the iconic London department store Selfridge. His performances in these roles further solidified his status as a versatile and talented actor. Jeremy was even an executive producer in the 2011 movie Fully Loaded. 

Behind the Mic: “How U Livin’, J. Piven?” 

Venturing beyond the silver screen, Jeremy Piven has made his mark in the podcasting world with “How U Livin’, J. Piven?” Launched in July 2021, the podcast features Piven engaging in insightful conversations with notable guests about life, comedy, and the Hollywood industry. 

The podcast “How U Livin’, J. Piven?” has seen a host of prominent guests, including: 

  • Tiffany Haddish  
  • Jamie Foxx 
  • Mark Cuban 
  • Kevin Connolly 

Available on platforms like Apple Podcasts, YouTube, and Spotify, “How U Livin’, J. Piven?” offers a unique insight into Piven’s perspectives and life in the entertainment industry. This is a great way to see the real, authentic Jeremy Samuel Piven, and the show is a lot of fun. 

Philanthropy and Environmental Advocacy 

In addition to his entertainment career, Jeremy Piven is recognized for his charitable work. He actively supports various charitable organizations, including the Elton John AIDS Foundation, Keep A Child Alive, and Boys & Girls Clubs of America. His involvement extends to supporting the performing arts through his association with the Piven Theatre Workshop. 

Piven’s commitment extends to environmental causes as well. He actively promotes sustainable living and advocates for the protection of ocean and marine life, demonstrating his dedication to positively impacting the world around him. 

Taking The Stage – Jeremy Piven Comedian 

Jeremy Piven is a hilarious comedian who showcases skills that reach far beyond drama. In 2023, he began his stand-up comedy tour, showcasing his comedic talents through engaging performances that delighted audiences. 

His comedic talents have further diversified his career, proving that Jeremy Piven is a multifaceted talent in the entertainment industry. 

Current Endeavors and Upcoming Films 

Jeremy Piven remains active with intriguing new projects, such as the sports biopic film Sweetwater. He portrays Joe Lapchick, the New York Knicks head coach in the film. The film marks another milestone in Piven’s career, displaying his ability to take on diverse roles. 

Sweetwater features a star-studded cast, including: 

  • Everett Osborne 
  • Ashani Roberts 
  • Robert Ri’chard 
  • James Caan 
  • Richard Dreyfuss and many others. 

With this new film, Jeremy Piven solidifies his place in the entertainment industry, promising yet another captivating performance for his audience. 


From his early days on stage to his award-winning portrayal of Ari Gold in Entourage and his latest project, The Performance, Jeremy Piven has proven his capability to captivate audiences with his performances. Whether in film, television or on the podcast, Piven’s talent shines through, making him one of the most versatile actors in the industry. 

Beyond his acting career, Piven’s commitment to philanthropy and environmental advocacy demonstrates his dedication to making a difference in the world. As he continues to take on new roles and explore different facets of the entertainment industry, one thing is certain: Jeremy Piven continues to captivate, inspire, and entertain. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What happened to Jeremy Piven’s Career? 

Jeremy Piven’s career is marked by significant achievements, including roles in over 80 films and a standout performance in HBO’s “Entourage,” for which he received three Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe. He has also made strides in digital media with his podcast, “How U Livin J Piven.” He has launched a widely successful comedy tour across the U.S., demonstrating his diverse talents in the entertainment industry. 

Did Jeremy Piven win an Emmy for Entourage? 

Yes, Jeremy Piven won three Primetime Emmy Awards for his role as Ari Gold in Entourage. 

What Movies has Jeremy Piven been in? 

Piven’s filmography encompasses a wide range of notable movies. His performances span across various genres in films like “Judgment Night,” “Grosse Pointe Blank,” “Singles,” “Very Bad Things,” “The Family Man,” “Black Hawk Down,” “The Kingdom,” “Heat,” “PCU,” “Old School,” “Rock N Rolla,” “Serendipity,” “Smokin’ Aces,” and “Runaway Jury.” This diverse selection of roles showcases his versatility as an actor. 

What awards has Jeremy Piven won for his role in Entourage? 

Jeremy Piven has won a Golden Globe Award and three consecutive Emmy Awards for his portrayal of Ari Gold in Entourage. 

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