Your face is the first thing people notice about you. The influx of social platforms populated by photos of “perfect” people only compounds the pressure to look your best. If you were not fortunate enough to inherit a flawless appearance, you might miss out on opportunities. Luckily, there are corrective procedures to take care of those defects. That’s where surgeon Maxim Ivanchuk of Maxim Ivanchuk Plastic Surgery Clinic comes in.

Dr. Ivanchuk understands the importance of making a good first impression and can help make your face look younger and more beautiful than ever before. He has developed a unique procedure that can reduce wrinkles and scars and improve your overall skin appearance. He is the only doctor performing these groundbreaking procedures. Dr. Ivanchuk offers a full suite of facial rejuvenation services to help you look younger by at least 12 years!

Dr. Ivanchuk uses his unrivaled chin modeling technique. This is a popular procedure for those over 40 looking to shave years off their looks without leaving scars. The procedure focuses on the lower zygomatic region and highlights what the doctor calls the angle of youth. By emphasizing it, the doctor is able to model the chin and bring out the beauty of your face. The effects of this procedure occur immediately after the operation, which makes it even more popular. People travel thousands of miles to see Dr. Ivanchuk. The procedure is becoming more popular every year as people from all over the world learn about this groundbreaking procedure.

Besides chin modeling, Dr. Ivanchuk has also developed solutions for other parts of the body. For example, he has a procedure that takes care of the wrinkles on the neck called the “ring of Venus.” This technique will eliminate the pronounced lines and depressions on the neck that are not amenable to cosmetic and surgical intervention. Dr. Ivanchuk and his team have given many clients pronounced permanent results with no cutting or seams.

The elbow is another area Dr. Ivanchuk focuses on. He has developed a rejuvenating procedure for the entire “elbow area”, on the bend of the elbow from the outside. This part of the arm is prone to wrinkling and many women complain about it looking very old. Dr. Ivanchuk has discovered a way to achieve excellent results that will last for 5-8 years!

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Another outstanding procedure is what Dr. Ivanchuk refers to as the “Seam Bonding Procedure.” This procedure takes care of any lacerated wounds on a patient’s body, leaving no trace once they heal. Unlike the stitching by ordinary surgeons, Dr. Ivanchuk uses a gluing technique that corrects the injury without any need for stitches. The seam heals quickly after the procedure and leaves no trace.

Dr. Ivanchuk is constantly improving on his proprietary techniques and broadening his expertise in all aspects of plastic and cosmetic surgery. This has established him as a leading authority in those fields and celebrates unrivaled results anywhere.

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