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“I tried the new stem cell lift and now all my friends are doing it.”

While regenerative medicine has become all the rage in aesthetic surgery, I was still convinced my skin was fated to meet the dreaded scalpel’s blade to get that enviable snatched effect millennials TikTok about. I didn’t think there was a viable alternative, so I was willing to white-knuckle cosmetic surgery’s roulette, where I could wake up as an in-the-flesh avatar or a sebaceous, cat-faced Bride of Wildenstein. But a revolutionary cosmetic doctor, Dr. Simon Ourian, and the miracle of science turned this old skeptic into a new disciple. Using state-of-the-art laser and stem cell technology, Dr. Ourian’s incision-less “One-Hour Face Lift” made me look and feel flawless—in my very own skin. This is my journey.

Beyond skin deep

I don’t live under a rock, so I know who Simon Ourian is. Like the near-four-million Instagram fans who follow him, I was gobsmacked by Dr. Ourian’s avant-garde approach to aesthetic medicine, where he posts these Cinderella-level before-and-after’s as unedited proof that his signature technique is not just a Facetune fairytale. And while he may be most celebrated for his transformative Kardashian-Jenner touch, making a med-spa pop-in turn into a one-stop smoke show, Dr. Simon Ourian is not just about another pretty face. From the start, Dr. Ourian set out to go beyond skin deep; he wanted to modernize the outdated industry he was in by creating and refining new non-surgical laser and aesthetic technologies and turning traditional cosmetic conventions upside down.

One old adage that I’m particularly delighted Dr. Ourian has proved obsolete: “Beauty is pain.”  The results-driven genius of his regenerative medicine is making plastic surgery—with endless hours knocked out under the knife, street-cred pain meds, pandemic-long recovery periods, and super fun scars—a slice-and-dice relic. Dr. Simon Ourian has invented and refined an ever-expanding array of non-invasive procedures—under an hour and scalpel-free, with little discomfort, no general anesthetic, little-to-no down time, and without an indelible skin memento in sight—that have surgical-level results by simply stimulating the body to repair and refresh itself naturally. Dr. Ourian practices what he preaches: Beauty is no longer about pain and the “done look;” it’s about healing naturally and fine-tuning features you already have. And the proof is in the painless, anesthetic-free temple of non-invasive natural beauty Dr. Simon Ourian has built in Beverly Hills, aptly named Epione, after the goddess of healing and wife to Asclepius, god of medicine and rejuvenation.

Speaking of supreme beings, when the Internet-busting diva of social media gives you shout-outs on the regular, you’re doing something right. Kim Kardashian has been quoted as effusing “Dr. Ourian is my favorite doctor for anything laser,” and uses the words “love” and “super cutting edge” to describe his treatments as “preventative measures to deal with aging before it happens, like dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles.”

Metaphorical gold dust

But even though Dr. Simon Ourian is lord of the laser to an entire brood of hot, billionaire thirst-trap queens, and he’s spent decades building the most comprehensive and advanced laser and aesthetic treatment center in the world, would he be able to make a modern-day miracle out of a mere mortal like me? Spoiler alert, this is rhetorical, as I basically answered this in the intro. But the real question is—what metaphorical gold dust did Dr. Ourian use to make this magic happen?

Dr. Simon Ourian’s One Hour Facelift is a heady (pun-intended) cocktail combining the power of his patented, cutting-edge Coolaser technology with the world’s most innovative stem cell-injection procedure. The trademarked tools and treatments he has invented and refined himself over more than two decades have proven to be so ingenious and effective that they are being used by the most prestigious medical facilities across the globe.

As a tireless inventor and consummate perfectionist, Dr. Simon Ourian found that old-school lasers had either a scorched earth effect causing an extended recovery, or they were so weak they didn’t really work at all. To find that happy medium, Dr. Ourian called on the world’s leading laser manufacturer to design the Goldilocks of bespoke settings, where the effectivity of the laser was “just right” without more than a week’s downtime.

Ergo the dawn of Dr. Ourian’s Coolaser, a dual-mode, high-definition, fractionated CO2 laser, which is exceptional in that it doesn’t heat, but cools the skin, all the while emitting teeny tiny columns of laser. Since it won’t pigment dark skin like other lasers, the Coolaser can be used on a panoply of skin types and tones to zap away discoloration, such as dark circles, acne, and to improve skin texture. While I had signed up for the One-Hour Facelift, if a signature Ultra Neck Lift is what the doctor ordered, the Coolaser’s the universal cure-all for wrinkle prevention, and visibly tightens, lifts and resurfaces the skin.

Dr. Simon Ourian

Modern medicine’s new face

In order to naturally heal into the most beautiful you, Dr. Simon Ourian’s One-Hour Facelift would not be complete without the other regenerative-rich component of the procedure: stem cell injections. Originally stem cells were used in orthopedics and to mend wounds, but with Dr. Ourian’s tech-savvy techniques they can have equally effective reparative outcomes in aesthetics. By happily removing a little trunk junk, the fat from a posterior (or love handle and the like) is Kobe-grade marble, a goldmine of youth-restoring platelets that are medically processed and then applied via syringe straight into my visage. Without getting too geeky, these stem cells make it rain like a Cardi B single drop, stimulating tissue regeneration, and secreting growth and anti-inflammatory factors, as well as anti-oxidants that neutralize free radicals. What all this science breaks down to is exponentially better skin density, appearance, and hydration Doordashed right to the dermis au-naturel. The end results of my non-surgical surgery spoke for themselves; Saggy bits, lines, blemishes and bumpy unmentionables begone, this face in the mirror looked and felt like it was photoshopped or filtered with some boujie transtemporal app. But what I liked most is that it was still me, just way better.

As having experienced the One-Hour Facelift firsthand, I’d giddily genuflect in front of Dr. Simon Ourian and his temple of Epione any day of the week. He saved me and likely many other old-school diehards from plastic surgery’s sharp end. No wonder his pioneering regenerative work is the aesthetic world’s blueprint. By singlehandedly redefining beauty, Dr. Ourian has created—and become—the new face of modern medicine.

Dr. Simon Ourian

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