In the media and entertainment world, Ashlee Clarke stands out not only for her creative prowess but also for her remarkable leadership in the business arena. Known for her creative producing credits, including 14 Tony Award nominations for Broadway shows like “Tootsie” and “American Buffalo,” starring Lawrence Fishburne and Sam Rockwell, Clarke has also made waves in her hometown of Savannah, Georgia, wrapping up filming of her film
“Fab Four,” featuring Bette Midler and Susan Sarandon.

Broadway Producer Jacob Porter, who worked with Ashlee on Tootsie and American Buffalo said; “Everyone wants to work with Ashlee. She is brilliant and kind. Ashlee is always pushing you and inspiring you to be better”.

However, her role as the CEO of Empower Media truly highlights Clarke’s exceptional qualities. Under her guidance, Empower Media has risen to prominence as the largest woman-majority-owned media agency in the United States. Her journey to the top is not just a tale of personal triumph; it’s a beacon of hope and progress for women in business.

Transforming Empower Media with a Bold Vision

When Clarke became CEO of the 38-year-old, woman-owned, Cincinnati-based agency Empower Media, those familiar with Clarke knew she would bring her work ethic, demand for excellence, and openness to change. Despite some locals initially being taken aback by her direct communication style, there was little doubt that she would revolutionize the company. Since taking the reins, Clarke has introduced innovative strategies and technologies, including quietly launching a Robotic Process Automated Buying Platform that is regarded as one of the industry’s most advanced cross-media buying platforms.

Her decision to mandate a return to the office in January, a move considered aggressive at the time, was a testament to her fearless leadership. “Demanding excellence is not for everyone. Thankfully, our team is committed to bringing excellence every day for our clients.” Clarke stated. The quality of clients attracted under her leadership, such as Sprouts Farmers Market, Freshpet, and Just Capital, has created a buzz.

Ashlee Clarke’s story is a testament to the power of leadership, creativity, and advocacy. Her indelible impact on the media landscape is significant, but perhaps more profound is her role as a mentor and advocate for the next generation of female leaders. Clarke represents the ideal model for aspiring women in leadership, demonstrating the heights achievable through a blend of tenacity, skill, and vision.

The Secret to Clarke’s Success: A Blend of Excellence and Empathy

Her unique blend of uncompromising professional standards and deep empathy for her team and clients sets Clarke apart. This balance of excellence and understanding has been a key driver in attracting top-tier clients and fostering a culture of success within Empower Media. Clarke’s leadership style, rooted in her Southern upbringing, combines warmth and directness, creating an environment where innovation and creativity thrive.

As Ashlee Clarke looks to the future, her vision for Empower Media is clear: to continue breaking barriers and setting new standards in the media industry. Her journey is more than just a success story; it’s an inspiration for women and aspiring leaders worldwide, proving that with the right mix of hard work, dedication, and a touch of Southern charm – the sky’s the limit.

Article presented by Shannon Sparks

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