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Miss Brooke Harlan is not a new name in the Nashville bail bond industry. She has been in the field for over twenty years and started one of the largest bail bond companies in the South. Brooke Harlan is the CEO and the founder of Brooke’s Bail Bonding, which she has been using to change the Nashville bond industry one case at a time. Her unique approach has allowed her to cement her spot in the male-dominated industry. Here is her incredible story.

Miss Brooke Harlan didn’t initially plan to join the bond industry. Even though her grandparents and parents owned bail businesses, Miss Brooke Harlan explains that she wasn’t looking to join the space as she had built a successful career in marketing. But all this changed when Brooke began researching the US bond industry.

Miss Brooke discovered a lot of misinformation in the sector and social injustices pushing innocent people to spend time behind bars. She quit her job and started her journey in the bond industry. Her mission was to provide support and resources to those that need them most as she raises awareness of the social injustices in the American bond industry and the risks of the push for bail reforms.

Brooke’s Bail Bonding provides bail services to the people of Nashville, Tennessee. Brooke and her team are helping the public understand the bail bond system laws as they help those that don’t have the necessary resources to obtain bonds.

“If one doesn’t have the full amount of the bond premium, they can post their bail bond with a bail bonding company. The company posts the bond with the collateral they have put up with the court. This also means that the bail bonding company has an obligation to the court to ensure that the defendant shows up to all the court sessions and any other time they are ordered by the court to do so until a disposition is found in their case,” says Miss Brooke.

By challenging the bond industry, she is helping her clients get justice and reclaim their freedom. Miss Brooke’s experience, diverse background, and love for what she does are helping her stand out and continue to thrive despite the challenges.

Over the last 20+ years, Miss Brooke has encountered numerous obstacles. She has seen many people suffer due to the broken justice system. Miss Brooke also lost her husband in 2017. He was one of her strongest supporters and the co-founder of Brooke’s Bail Bonding. With his sudden death, Brooke Harlan was left to run the company alone.

She explains that this was one of the most challenging times in her life. Brooke even considered giving up. But she knew that quitting didn’t only mean leaving her career but abandoning the people who needed her the most. Brooke chose to keep fighting, and she is now a celebrated activist and transformational leader/coach breaking the mold in Nashville and beyond.

As she continues to fix the broken justice system and end the social injustices in the bond industry, Miss Brooke Harlan has recently expanded her bail bond business to other counties around Nashville. She is also working on her first documentary on America’s most misunderstood bail industry.

Miss Brooke Harlan

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