Zac Brown‘s estranged wife, Kelly Yazdi, slammed the entertainer for his attempts to keep their bitter court battle hidden from the public, In Touch can exclusively report.

According to court documents obtained by In Touch, Kelly demanded the court unseal the record in the case brought by Zac.

Last month, Zac, 45, was denied his request for a temporary restraining order against Kelly.

He filed a petition claiming Kelly violated a confidentiality agreement with a post on Instagram. He pleaded with the judge to block his ex from making false and defamatory statements about him online.

His petition requested a court order instructing Kelly to remove the post immediately.

Zac Brown’s Estranged Wife Calls Out Country Star Over Efforts to Block Public From Viewing Restraining Order Records
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Kelly opposed the restraining order request. She said, “No one — not even Zac Brown with all of his money, power, celebrity and lawyers — may silence my right to freely express myself through art or, although I have to date declined to do so publicly, to speak about the circumstances of our pending divorce.”

She told her followers after Zac filed the petition, “I intend to respond swiftly and robustly to his meritless complaint that publication of two poems on my personal social media account divulged any ‘confidential information’ about his business, much less authorizes a court to enjoin me from speaking about matters in my personal life that have nothing to do with my brief former work for the Zac Brown Collective, Inc.”

The judge who presided over the petition granted Zac’s request to seal portions of the record. Kelly said the case was moved from district court to federal court.

At a hearing in federal court, she said the judge noted the courtroom would not be closed because Zac was a “celebrity.”

“The Court subsequently denied Plaintiffs’ TRO Motion noting that there was not a substantial likelihood that Plaintiffs would prevail in their claim that Ms. Yazdi’s conduct was covered by the Confidentiality Agreement and Employment Agreement between Plaintiff Zac Brown Collective, Inc. and Ms. Yazi,” Kelly said.

Kelly said the court record should be unsealed.

“The redacted and sealed portions of the Sealed Documents include (1) a public and currently available Instagram post, which Plaintiffs were unsuccessful in obtaining injunctive relief to remove from the public, and (2) the Agreements. Because judicial records are matters of public concerns and there is no evidence of proprietary information, that the information in the original Complaint is covered by the Agreements, or good cause to justify that the Sealed Documents remain sealed, the Sealed Documents should be unsealed,” the motion read.

Zac Brown’s Estranged Wife Calls Out Country Star Over Efforts to Block Public From Viewing Restraining Order Records
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“Ms. Yazdi’s social media post is still publicly available and this Court has not ordered that it be removed or that its public status be changed for including any alleged confidential information,” her lawyer noted. Kelly said Zac filed an amended complaint on June 10 and requested it be filed under seal to prevent confidential and “highly sensitive” information from being made public. [Zac’s] Motion is another example of their efforts to overreach and control the narrative of the public attention and scrutiny they have brought on themselves by filing this action,” Kelly said.

A judge has yet to rule.

Zac and Kelly announced they were breaking up in December 2023, after four months of marriage.

At the time, they released a joint statement reading, “We are in the process of divorce. Our mutual respect for one another remains. We wish each other the best and will always appreciate our time together. As we navigate this personal matter, we simply request privacy during this time.”

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