Few musicians can say that they were arrested because their music was just too good, but for Travis Scott, that’s actually true. Well, kind of. In his new Netflix documentary, Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly, the star is seen being arrested after one of his concerts. IRL, that concert took place back in 2017 in Rogers, Arkansas, and the “Sicko Mode” singer was charged with inciting a riot. But what does that mean exactly? It means he got his fans so hyped up at a concert that when he told them to rush the stage, they did — and it led to some major trouble.

According to 5 News, a local Arkansas outlet, Travis, 28, was arrested on May 13, 2017, though he was held for only 12 minutes before being released. Police “accused Scott of encouraging people to rush the stage and bypass the security protocols to ensure safety.” And some of the musician’s fans got hurt in the process, thereby ratcheting the charge up from a misdemeanor to a felony. Nearly a year later, in February 2018, the star pleaded guilty to misdemeanor disorderly conduct, paying a fine that was nearly $7,500.

That wasn’t the first time the Astroworld artist found himself in trouble, though. He was also arrested on August 1, 2015, after doing the same thing at Lollapalooza in Chicago, Illinois. ABC 7 reported that he was charged with disorderly conduct only five minutes into his act. Per Rolling Stone, Travis plead guilty to charges of reckless conduct and was ordered to “remain under court supervision for a year.”

If you watched the rest of the documentary, then you’ve already seen some of what we’re talking about. The way the musician interacts with his fans is pretty unique, and it often leads to those fans participating in some wild stunts — like jumping from a balcony. In April 2017, the star also garnered attention when Billboard claims he was allegedly caught on camera encouraging fans to drop from a second-story balcony into the crowd below. Though that didn’t lead to an arrest, it did lead to some legal trouble in the form of a lawsuit filed by an injured fan.

One thing’s clear. If you’re going to a Travis Scott concert, prepare to get rowdy. Based on the Netflix doc, it’s clear that this father and musician works hard. But he plays hard, too.

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