Visa drama explained! 90 Day Fiancé star Julia Trubkina had fans worried when she shared an alarming update about her green card and immigration status. However, an Atlanta-based immigration law expert exclusively explains to In Touch what hurdles Julia and her husband, Brandon Gibbs, may be facing.

“Lately everything is not so with us. Plans are collapsing, friends are failing, phones are breaking, health is deteriorating, most likely I will have to go to the hospital for a few days, we need to deal with documents again until December, my green card expires,” Julia, 28, wrote via Instagram on Wednesday, July 20. “Usually we are always positive and try not to show it, but to be honest we are squeezed like a lemon. Thank you all for your support and your laughter from our videos💙.”

Fans took to the comments section to share their well-wishes to the couple, who made their debut on season 6 of TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé. “You guys will get through this!!” one fan wrote. “Remind yourself this too shall pass!!!!! Sending love & light,” another added.

Emily Davis, of Ross and Pines, shares some insight about what Julia could have meant about her green card expiring. “An immigrant who enters the U.S. on a k-1 fiancé and then applies to adjust their status (obtain a green card) will be issued a 2 year conditional resident green card,” she exclusively tells In Touch. “[Ninety] days before the two year expiration of that card, the immigrant must file an i-751 to ‘remove the conditions’ on the residency and then the immigrant is granted lawful permanent residency (10 year green card). She probably needs to file the I-751 in December.”

Fans have followed along on Brandon, 28, and Julia’s journey as they continued to share their love story on season 8 of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever Ever? and season 4 of the Discovery+ spinoff 90 Day Diaries. During an episode of 90 Day Diaries in June 2022, Julia and Brandon shared their plans to move from their apartment in Richmond, Virginia, to Florida — a move which Brandon’s parents, Ron and Betty Gibbs, did not approve of. His parents hoped that Brandon and Julia would stay close to the Gibbs family’s farm in Dinwiddie, Virginia.

Fortunately for Ron and Betty, Brandon and Julia had a huge change of plans. “We moved to Virginia beach.🌞,” Julia announced via Instagram on July 13. “Now we have applied to the bank to buy a house 🏡, we are waiting for a response. 🤞other news hopefully we will be able to announce a little later.♥️.”

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