Is anyone ever gone for good? The Walking Dead fans are shook after watching Sunday night’s new episode when good ol’ Morales [played by Juan Gabriel Pareja] resurfaced and is clearly no longer part of Rick Grimes’ [played by Andrew Lincoln] squad of survivors. Some, on the other hand, struggled a great deal trying to figure out just who TF this guy is, so let’s jog our memories for a minute, shall we?

Morales was part of Season 1 when OGs like Shane [Jon Bernthal], Dale [Jeffrey Demunn], and GLENN [Steven Yeun] roamed the walker-ridden streets, just hoping to find food, shelter, and most importantly — not get bit. He appeared in four episodes and wound up leaving with his TV wife and kids from Atlanta, GA, to Birmingham, AL, in hopes of finding their other family members. At the time, Rick equipped Morales with some supplies and sent him on his journey — which no one thought would lead him to Negan [Jeffrey Dean Morgan] and the Saviors. Most of us never thought we would see these two reunite, especially not with Morales pointing a gun at Rick’s head.

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“It was terrific. It was like old times,” actor Juan told Entertainment Weekly of his return. “We had several scenes that were just Andy and I early on in the first season, and he just always had such a generous spirit, and a kindness, and an openness that hadn’t changed, and hadn’t diminished or faded whatsoever, so that was really nice to pick up with that dynamic. If you know Andy, you know that he’s got just the kind of sweetest energy, so that was nice. That was very nice to be welcomed by that.”

The Walking Dead airs on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. EST on AMC.

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