A third party? Tarik Myers revealed he and his longtime love, Hazel Cagalitan, had a short fling with an ex of his named Minty during the new Sunday, December 13, episode of 90 Day Fiancé. The season 8 personality discussed how they met, pursued a romance and fizzled out while catching up with his friend Kia. Curious about their relationship? Get all of the details on the trio, below.

Who Is Minty?

Tarik, 46, said he previously connected with Minty, who resides in Thailand, online. “After Hazel and I had broken up, I met Minty. She’s really pretty. She got a little bit of pizazz to her,” the musician said in his confessional. “We had a lot in common. I wouldn’t say I was falling in love … immediately, but I was falling in like.”

After they grew closer, Tarik admitted the guilt started getting to him because he still had feelings for Hazel, so he hit the pause button on their romance. “Before we get any further, I gotta go clean this up,” the TLC alum told Minty at the time. 

Who Is Minty 90 Day Fiance Tarik Myers Reveals Fling With Ex Hazel Amid Marriage Hopes

How Did Tarik and Hazel Get Back Together?

Tarik said Hazel, 28, forgave him after they got into a dispute over her pregnancy scare. He previously speculated that she terminated it without his knowledge, which caused them to have a falling out. When they were back in a good place, Tarik said he informed Hazel about the other girl he had been talking to amid their split. 

Who Is Minty 90 Day Fiance Tarik Myers Reveals Fling With Ex Hazel Amid Marriage Hopes
TLC; Courtesy Tarik Myers/Instagram

After seeing the photos of Minty for herself, Hazel apparently said she was “beautiful” and that she wanted to “talk to her” to see if there was also a spark between them. Tarik told Kia that Hazel is bisexual and open to having a third partner.

“I’m not going to tell her to change, so Hazel having a girlfriend is going to be a part of our married life,” he said in his confessional shot in February 2020. 

90 Day Tarik

What Happened Next?

The group ultimately met in the Philippines in 2018. “Everything was beautiful for about two and a half days, but day three, Hazel just put an end to it. Hazel felt like Minty was more into me than she was into Hazel and Hazel could see I was just fascinated by Minty,” he said about their shared interests in the Thai culture, noting there was a “jealousy” that came over Hazel. 

“Hazel told me to never contact Minty ever again,” Tarik added. The reality star admitted to Kia that wasn’t the last time they spoke, but pointed out he only reached out to Minty to check on her well-being amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

Tarik said he was “afraid” to tell Hazel because he didn’t want to “mess everything up” between them when she arrived in America. We’ll see how it goes from here! 

Season 8 of90 Day Fiancé airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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