She had something to say. Amanda Seales posted a long video criticizing Kim Kardashian for seemingly wearing blackface in a cover shoot for 7Hollywood magazine, and it’s clear the actress is very unhappy with everyone behind the decision. But who is Amanda, anyway?

Who Is Amanda Seales? Comedian Comes for Kim Kardashian After Blackface Backlash
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Who Is Amanda Seales?

Amanda, 38, is an actress and comedian. She’s also a recording artist and was once a touring member of the musical group Floetry.

Amanda may be best known for her recurring role in the HBO TV series Insecure. She plays Tiffany DuBois, a college friend of Issa Rae‘s character. But she’s also appeared on Blackish and Bring the Funny.

What Did Amanda Seales Say About Kim Kardashian?

On December 19, Kim, 39, posted photos from the shoot she did for 7Hollywood to her Instagram. Very quickly, many of her following went after her for seemingly having a darker skin tone in the pictures. “Kimberly this looks like blackface,” one person wrote. “Maybe darkening your skin this much was something you were talked into by the folks who set up the shoot, but girl this is not a good look. You’re beautiful, but you should think about removing these photos.”

But it was Amanda who really came from Kim. In an almost 7-minute long video, the actress blasted Kim and the rest of the Kardashians for being “notorious for appropriating Black culture.” She said, “They do not give any grievance about it. They don’t give reverence. They don’t pay homage. No. The mimic. They take. They commodify. This is a constant thing that they do.”

Who Is Amanda Seales? Comedian Comes for Kim Kardashian After Blackface Backlash
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“As a Black woman, to see this person on this cover in blackface … and yes. You can call it tan, or bronzer or whatever,” the actress added. “But, again. She don’t care.” She later tacked on, seemingly about either Kim’s whole family or White women in general, “They inject their lips, and their hips and their booties to mimic ours. They attempt our style. And they give nothing back. It’s all depletion with no replenishment.”

Amanda called Kim’s cover photos “a blatant display of cultural appropriation and blackface by somebody who knows better but chooses not to do better. And it is imperative that it gets spoken on.”

“An entire team of people let it happen because they don’t care,” Amanda concluded. Kim has yet to speak out about the controversy.

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