Selena Gomez, Mariah Carey and More: Celebs With Outrageous Demands That Will Leave You Speechless

We get it, being rich and famous can be hard sometimes. Celebrities are constantly being pulled in different directions, hustling for new job opportunities and always on the road. However, it doesn’t stop Hollywood A-listers from asking for the craziest things!

Take Kanye West, for example. The rapper, 42, has been known to say some, uh, controversial things in the past, and recently, he stopped by pastor Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church in Houston on November 17, where he referred to himself as the “greatest artist that God has ever created.” Clearly, when you have self-confidence like Kanye’s, he’s not afraid to get what he wants. So, what exactly does the Chicago native want in his green room before the show starts? He allegedly wants shower shoes, tooth picks and more. Hmmm … so random! Additionally, Kanye likes to have a drink or two, but he only likes specific brands — Heineken beer, Patron Silver tequila, Hennessy liquor and Absolut vodka. But that’s not all! Kanye also requests a couple of snacks when he gets off stage — yogurt, nuts, chewing gum and hot sauce.

Meanwhile, it’s no secret that Mariah Carey can be a bit demanding. “I have had diva moments, and then people can’t handle it,” she told Paper magazine in 2017. “I guess it’s a little intense because I come from a true diva: my mother is an opera singer, and that’s a real diva, you know — Juilliard diva. And so other people that are like, ‘I’m a diva,’ it’s like, ‘Honey, you don’t know what a diva is, you didn’t grow up with my mom.’ And I mean it as a compliment, or I wouldn’t be the person I am without experiencing that.”

She continued, “And so when people hear me say, like, ‘Dahling, da, da, da’ and talk that way, it’s kind of like I’m channeling my mother. Not that she says ‘dahling’ all the time, but like that voice is … it’s like I inadvertently do it, and I don’t do it to be disrespectful, I just do it, and it just happens. It’s like, [in diva voice], ‘I don’t even know why.’” The “Butterfly” crooner, 49, must have two vases of white roses in addition to some more decorations in her green room. Well, at least she owns who she is!

This list of prerequisites will be sure to shock you. Scroll through the gallery below to see the diva demands.

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