Mondays are rough, but luckily, MTV makes them a little more tolerable. Unfortunately, the network didn’t air a new episode of Teen Mom OG on Feb. 5, which means I was left with a tall glass of wine and no show to watch. Just minutes after Season 7’s 11th episode was set to air, social media erupted with “WTFs” when fans realized Teen Mom 2’s Biggest Behind the Scenes Moments was on in its place. So what gives?

One angry fan wrote on Teen Mom‘s official Facebook page, “Why is OG not coming on tonight? I hate when they do this crap. SMH!” Another hilariously agreed, “I was going through my TV guide over and over looking for a mistake. Next week better be SAUCY ?..” A third chimed in, “They didn’t say anything about it being the season finale last week. I don’t get how it just ends…”

Previous seasons of the hit show usually had about a dozen episodes each, but there’s no way the network would just end the show abruptly. Plus, producers tend to do this as the season comes to an end — basically just to keep fans in suspense. If you recall, last week’s promo showed Farrah Abraham getting fired, which is arguably the most-anticipated episode yet.

Still, one fan claims it’s not on next week either. “My guide shows Teen Mom 2 tonight and True Life next Monday. When the heck does Teen Mom OG come back on?” A second, however, says she saw a promo for next week. “TMOG is on next Monday. I just saw a commercial that said it would be on then.”

Yet fans weren’t the only ones who were confused. Even Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evens got in on the conversation! “MTV always has a new unseen episode up their sleeve,” she wrote on Facebook. “#TeenMom2 9 p.m. tonight.” Don’t worry, peeps. MTV let us down this week, but they’d never just end an entire season without warning.

Teen Mom OG airs Mondays at 9 p.m. EST on MTV.

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