Actress Kate Beckinsale caused fans to worry in March 2024 when she took to Instagram with a few selfies that revealed she had been hospitalized. While she did not explain what led to her hospital stay at the time, the Serendipity star finally opened up about the experience and provided some answers four months later.

When Was Kate Beckinsale Hospitalized?

Kate celebrated Mother’s Day in the U.K. and her mom’s birthday on March 11, 2024, with a carousel of photos on Instagram. However, many fans were alarmed when two of the images showed the 50-year-old London native in a hospital gown with a large black bow on her head.

In one snap, Kate sat in a hospital bed with an I.V. in her hand and looked off-camera with teary eyes. Meanwhile, the second image was a close-up selfie of her face.

“Happy birthday and U.K. Mother’s Day this last week to my incredible mother,” she wrote. “Thank you to those that love us and support us when it’s s–t and try to make sure there are some bits that aren’t. And for looking after our dogs when we can’t, and lead us to remember happy things when we can’t. And turn up when we are sick and sit with us … And send balloons and check in and pull us out of wells with love.”

Many fans sent well wishes in the comments and asked Kate for the reason behind her hospitalization.

“Are you OK? Why are you in a hospital? Please get well soon,” one user wrote. Another added, “I pray for your recovery, whatever it is you may be going through Kate.”

“Sending well wishes your way. I hope with time that your heart will find joy again,” a third fan commented.

Actress Kate Beckinsale Reveals She Was Hospitalized
Kate Beckinsale/Instagram

Why Was Kate Beckinsale in the Hospital?

Kate broke her silence on why she was in the hospital in a July 8, 2024, Instagram post, revealing that she was there for six weeks. The Underworld star shared a video of herself clapping back at critics who said she didn’t act “age-appropriate.” However, the clip — which showed Kate wearing pink cheeky underwear, a matching sheer top and knee-high boots as she put on a hair net over her signature hair bow — only garnered more backlash. One user told her to “go do some squats” because she seemed too thin.

“No, actually, I watched my stepfather die quite shockingly, my mother has stage 4 cancer and I lost a lot of weight from stress and grief, quite quickly and then I was in hospital for six weeks because the grief had burned a hole in my esophagus which made me vomit copious amounts of blood,” Kate responded. “I found eating very hard and I just worked very, very hard on a movie that was actually quite triggering because it also involved the theme of the death of my father, so l’m not really concerned about what you think about my ass. Maybe you should worry about your own f–king ass. I suggest shoving something up it — like a large pineapple or a brick.”

Kate’s stepfather, Roy Battersby, died at 87 years old after a stroke on January 10. Shortly after his death, the actress revealed that her mother, Judy Loe, was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.

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