It should come as no surprise that The West Wing is responsible for some of the best Thanksgiving episodes our televisions have ever seen — considering the show is all about patriotism and community, two of the dominating themes of the festive holiday.

If you (like us)  are planning to end your Thanksgiving binge with some ~binging~ on Netflix, be sure to check out the following moments from The West Wing — you’ll be thankful you did!

President Bartlet Gives Charlie the Paul Revere Knife

Season 2, Episode 8 — “Shibboleth”

President Barlet Calls the Butterball Hotline

Season 3, Episode 7 — “The Indians In The Lobby”

CJ Asks to Pardon a Second Thanksgiving Turkey

Season 2, Episode 8 — “Shibboleth”

The Staff Learns the Meaning of Thanksgiving

Season 2, Episode 8 — “Shibboleth”

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