She’s not messing around! Wendy Williams went off on an audience member whose phone dinged during Hot Topics, on Tuesday, October 8. The Wendy Williams Show is known for having a strict no cell phone policy, and clearly there are no exceptions.

“Is somebody’s phone on?” the 55-year-old exclaimed, abruptly stopping the show. “Yes,” a male voice answered. “Get out! Get out! Turn that phone off now, sir. Ma’am. Whoever you are,” she yelled and pointed to the door. The audience erupted in a mix of laughter and oohs. Once she quickly realized her tone might have been a little harsh, she added, “Just please. Kindly the tickets are free, but when you come here you must turn your phones off. I was being overdramatic but kindly please turn your phone off. Thank you.”

Wendy is known for not taking any nonsense. Not only does she serve realness when it comes to celebs, but to her guests as well. She didn’t hold back when it came to “friend to the show” Christie Brinkley and her Dancing With the Stars fall. Wendy alleged that the 65-year-old’s injury looked “fake as hell” and was a publicity stunt to get her up-and-coming daughter, Sailor Cook-Brinkley, to take her place and get air time.

Wendy Williams Goes OFF Audience Member Who Phone Rang During the Show
The Wendy Williams Show

Karamo Brown told In Touch exclusively he thought Wendy was way out of line with her accusation and Christie is truly hurt. “I just think that we’re in a space where like, people need to like, not think that there’s always something devious,” the 38-year-old shared.

“You know, her daughter never wanted to be in TV, never was on TV,” the Queer Eye star said. “So it wasn’t something like ‘let’s do a scandal.’ It was really someone who just fell, and I think that’s why I got emotional because I had met her before and I knew how much she wanted this. And so it sucks that people, you know, think that there’s some hidden conspiracy but she really hurt herself.”

The talk show host later apologized to Christie, but said she isn’t backing down. “I’m sorry girl, you know I love you, Christie, it’s just that … I see you with your cast and stuff, I’m not going to double down on what I said, but what I will do is apologize if I hurt your feelings, but my opinion still stands.” Moral of the story is, no one is safe from Wendy.

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