Welcome to Plathville stars Ethan and Olivia Plath are attempting to “move on” after splitting after five years of marriage.

In a teaser for season 6 of Welcome to Plathville, shared by People on Thursday, June 13, Olivia, 26, and Ethan, 26, were picking up the pieces and dating other people as they navigated the aftermath of their October 2023 breakup.

“Dating after marrying the first guy that you even ever held hands with is wild,” the wedding photographer told producers. The clip then cut to Ethan at a bar with a mystery blonde as he noted how “intimidating” it was to “approach a beautiful woman.”

The trailer teased a dramatic conversation between the former married couple, where Olivia slammed Ethan for choosing his family over her. “You made me choose,” he said in response. Ethan then called out his estranged wife for moving on “so easily” after the end of their marriage.

“I never said it was easy,” she clapped back.

Ethan and Olivia announced their decision to divorce in October 2023, making their split a dramatic storyline in season 5 of the series.

“Ethan and I have decided to go our separate ways,” Olivia wrote in a statement posted on October 27, 2023. “I have ambivalent memories of us being 18 years old, innocently dreaming of forever – but the partner you choose is a reflection of the world you want to live in, and at 18 I didn’t know who I was or what kind of life I wanted to create for myself. 7 years later, I’ve already begun my journey of questioning, deconstructing and rebuilding and I know that is a process that I will continue to prioritize throughout my life.”

That same day, the eldest Plath son took to his own social media to announce the news. “Olivia and I have parted ways. It just didn’t work between us, though Lord knows we both gave it all we had. It seemed we were constantly pulling each other in opposite directions in life with different goals,” he wrote. “I wish Olivia the best in the future ahead. I care for her deeply and always will.”

Months after announcing their intentions to dissolve their marriage, In Touch confirmed Ethan and Olivia filed for divorce on February 21. The reality TV couple listed their date of separation as February 25, 2023, and noted “irretrievable breakdown” as the reason for their divorce.

Olivia has opened up about her split from the Welcome to Plathville star, noting that it became more and more apparent that they were no longer compatible — especially when it came to politics. Like Ethan, Olivia was raised in a conservative Christian household and homeschooled on a farm in rural Virginia with her nine siblings. However, she now stands on the opposite side of the political spectrum from her ex.

“I was raised that way and I didn’t have autonomy, so I’m obviously gonna have an issue with it,” Olivia said during an appearance on the “Pink Shade” podcast on December 21, 2023. “But at the end of the day, like if that’s how Ethan wants to live, that’s how Ethan wants to live. And I think I was in denial for a long time, and I always told him like, look, we’re night and day when it comes to politics.”

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