When it comes to Aaron Hernandez, there was always more than met the eye. Those closest to him — his defense team, his relatives, and even his exes — are hoping to uncover a new side of the disgraced athlete with a four-part docu-series, Aaron Hernandez Uncovered.

Unfortunately, the special left fans with more questions than answers — including the question, was Aaron Hernandez molested as a child? According to his college girlfriend, Alyssa Anderson, he was — and it played a tremendous part in his troubled life.

Alyssa said that she first reached out to the problematic athlete when he first ran in to trouble with the law, and they remained in touch during his time in prison, where he was serving a life sentence. “Towards the end of his first trial into the second trial, the letters became more intense,” she explained during the Oxygen docu-series. “He did open up about some of the struggles he had gone through as a kid. He admitted to being molested as a kid, but never dealt with it. And it led to issues with his sexuality.”

According to the documentary, Aaron — who was engaged to a woman, Shayanna Jenkins, with whom he shared a daughter — was a gay man who was struggling with his sexuality. The first time many people — including Shay — heard of these rumors was when a man named Kyle Kennedy came forward claiming to be Aaron’s prison lover. When In Touch exclusively asked Jose Baez, Aaron’s lawyer and confidante, about the rumors surrounding the tight end’s sexuality and allegations he had a lover in prison, the controversial defense attorney played coy.

“The individual was never mentioned to me or anyone else,” Baez explained. “I’m more shocked more prisoners haven’t come forward. This is a convict who was in the same prison as someone incredibly famous, and the whole world was talking about it. The biggest shock to me wasn’t that he came forward with the story, but that more didn’t try to make money. [The self-proclaimed prison lover’s] attorney has mentioned that he’s available for interviews — and I think we all know what that means.”

According to one of Aaron’s lawyers, he opted to stay in the closet because he didn’t want his sexuality to “diminish” the love he still felt for the mother of his child. When Shay appeared on The Dr. Phil Show she said she had “no indication” or “feeling” that he was gay.

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