Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints leader Warren Jeffs has been in prison or a decade now, but he's still the subject of national fixation. In fact, the 62-year-old is the subject of an A&E special airing at 9 p.m. on Feb. 19, one titled Warren Jeffs: Prophet of Evil.

According to the network, the two-hour-special "pulls back the curtain on the now imprisoned religious prophet to an estimated 15,000 followers of the FLDS Church who, before going to jail for two felony counts of child sexual assault in 2011, is said to have married at least 78 wives and have more than 50 children and controlled millions of dollars for the church."

Per, Warren grew up in FLDS, which is a religious sect of Mormonism that still practices polygamy. In fact, Warren was one of dozens of children born to Rulon Jeffs, the sect's prior leader. When Rulon died in 2002, Warren took over, but it wasn't long before he faced legal challenges. A group of followers he excommunicated filed a civil suit against him in 2004, and his nephew Brent Jeffs accused him of sexual assault that same year. Amid charges of sexual conduct with a minor, conspiracy to commit sexual conduct with a minor, and rape as an accomplice, Warren reportedly went into hiding. The FBI put him on its Ten Most Wanted List in 2006, and just a few months later, he was found on a highway near Las Vegas — along with multiple cell phones, a collection of wigs and sunglasses, and more than $50,000.

After court trials related to multiple charges, Warren was found guilty of sexual assault and sentenced to life behind bars. To this day, however, he has legal control over FLDS.

Now, TV viewers will see his story play out on screen with Prophet of Evil, which will take "a look from the inside out at a community that was led for decades by a man who controlled many to quell his demands and desires," read A&E's description. "Revealing dark secrets that include the damage Jeffs did to young children, including his own, the special features extensive interviews with [Jeffs'] closest family, former church members, and those who wrestled to bring him to justice."

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