Maybe this is why small children aren’t supposed to be junior jetsetters…

In a new video taken in Paris on Wednesday, Oct. 1, it appears that Kim Kardashian left her French hotel without the thing that means more to her than anything else in the world (no, not her $1.25 million engagement ring…)—we’re talking about her daughter, North.

Her own freakin’ flesh and blood!

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In the video, Kim exits the hotel alone and approaches her car before putting on one of those “shoot-I-definitively-forget-something-but-I-can’t-even-remember-what-I-forgot-oh-my-god-when-did-I-get-so-old” faces.

She then turns around, walks back in to the hotel, and exits again—this time with her child in her arms…

It’s worth mentioning this is the same very pink, hole-y ensemble she wore upon landing home in Los Angeles… which means she potentially boarded an international flight without her kid… NBD.