Get ready to do a total double take. Tyler Baltierra and his daughter Novalee Reign are making Teen Mom fans think the father and daughter duo are legit twins and TBH, it's a bit wild to see. The 26-year-old dad recently shared Instagram snapshots of his daughter and compared to his new stern-faced selfie, they really do have such a seriously strong resemblance. In fact, with her blue-green eyes, button nose, and all those Tierra Reign threads, Novalee is practically morphing into a little Tyler. Sorry Catelyn Lowell, but your little girl is 100% her dad! Watch our video to see definitive proof that Nova is absolutely Tyler's mini-me.

You see it, right? Kind of hard to miss it, actually. The twinning comparison comes during a very strange new era in Tyler's Instagram, though. Recently, he's been sharing original poetry as a way to cope with his bipolar disorder diagnosis and being constantly judged in the spotlight. It seems to be giving the reality TV star some much-needed catharsis, but not everybody's a fan. And after a snide fan remarked that Nova will be writing her own emotional poetry when she's older, Tyler had an epic clapback. "She will definitely have something to write about, considering she will never have perfect parents," he wrote on Twitter. "It's inevitable that we are going to mess up somewhere along the road of raising her, [and] that's just the raw truth of being a parent. All we can do is take accountability [and] love her." The couple has definitely had their individual struggles, but one thing's for certain: Tyler adores his doppelgänger daughter and his family will always come first.

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