After meeting more than twenty years ago, two successful entrepreneurs have joined forces to revolutionize an industry that is in dire need of change. Takuya Davis and Jeremiah Broz have come together to revamp how customers experience solar.

Although many individuals are interested in the renewable energy space, and see the value there is to be gained by using solar energy, the reality is, there are not many companies in the market who prioritize the customer experience. While much of the competition is focused on making sales, Energy Advantage Roof and Solar stands out by letting its work speak for itself.

Founded by Broz in 2017, Energy Advantage Roof and Solar, is not just a company equipped to help you learn more about the benefits of solar energy, but also a company you can rely on if you want to make an environmentally friendly impact. Aside from connecting customers to renewable energy, the work of Energy Advantage Roof extends far beyond the sun.

“We’re really passionate about making change,” Broz says, who explains that 6% of the world’s landfills are currently made up of a roofing material called shingles. “At Energy Advantage Roof and Solar, we use stone coated steel, which is placed underneath the solar panels,” he says. Stone coated steel is a great alternative to shingles as it is not only durable, long-lasting, and low maintenance, but also energy efficient.

“We have got to stop doing the same old stuff that’s not getting us closer to our goals, like filling up our landfills and using non-renewable energy sources,” Broz says. “If we don’t do it, no one will,” he continues.

Davis and Broz met in 2002, while working at an exterior painting company called College Pro Painters. They share a similar path, having started off as painters, climbing up the ranks, and later becoming franchisors. It’s one of the many reasons that they decided to go into business together.

The company’s core values, of gratitude, resilience, accountability, connection and empowerment (GRACE) are what laid the foundation for the work they do in the community. The two have developed a synchronicity, being able to lean into each other’s strengths to guide the company in the right direction.

“Before bringing Takuya on to Energy Advantage, I had already tapped out of my leadership, and my ability to cast vision, or even fulfill any part of it,” Broz says. “There’s only so far one individual can go, but when you bring two people together that have very similar core values, where they are equal and no one has leverage over the other, then you can create something that’s inspirational, and something that is industry changing beyond our generation,” he continues.

Davis and Broz are a dynamic duo with decades of joint experience in business success. Davis is the CEO and founder of Mitsuoka & Company and is a prized business coach with a proven track record in building up companies for success. He brings an abundance of knowledge to his role at Energy Roof and Solar and is helping to position the company as the leader that it is within the industry.

Unlike other companies who handle only the sales and marketing side of solar, Energy Advantage Roof and Solar completes their own installations as well. “We control the customer experience from the time they say yes, all the way to installation,” Davis says. “We’re one of the only companies out there that actually does that, especially in the local marketplace,” he adds.

Energy Advantage Roof and Solar is a one stop shop for solar, roofing, window services, and also storm damage restoration. Soon enough, it will be a franchised business. “We understand the ins and outs of this space,” Davis says. “Both Jeremiah and I were franchisors for different brands over the years, and we’re confident that this is the model we’re going to follow to attain more growth” he adds.

Their mission is to transform 160 thousand residential homes and 8 thousand commercial buildings to adopting solar energy in the next eight years (1% of America’s Carbon slashing goals). At a time where planet earth needs unity most, it’s important that both individuals and businesses do their part to make a positive difference. If you are interested in being one of those million, be sure to visit Energy Advantage Roof and Solar’s website and get a free estimate today.

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