Sometimes people are just the worst. Duane “Dog” Chapman shared a photo of his stylist’s business card on Instagram on August 4 and got some truly malicious comments in response. “My stylist!! @traci_rockymountainhairstudio #castlerock #castlerockstylists #denvercolorado #dogthebountyhunter,” the Dog’s Most Wanted star captioned the post. It didn’t take long for the nasty replies to pour in.

“I’d be getting a refund,” one person commented. Someone else wrote, “Why are you posting this? If she is your stylist, she’s not doing a very good job on your style.” A different person responded, “Hair looks bleached and dry, he cannot honestly look in the mirror and think he looks good.” Ouch. Talk about harsh criticism.

beth duane chapman
Courtesy of Beth Chapman/Instagram

But not all the comments were bad. “It’s his signature, Dog without his mullet would be a crime,” one person said. Another wrote, “She does a great job! Your hair is always on point!” And we couldn’t quite tell if another follower was teasing the TV personality or legitimately being mean when they wrote, “Hey, she’s gotta be good if she makes your mug look passable … 😂😂.”

Others chimed in with only kind words for Duane, 66, and his family, specifically in the wake of the loss of his wife, Beth Chapman. “I see why Dog looks so good and Beth always look[ed] beautiful,” one person wrote. “It’s def your brand signature look,” someone else said. “People don’t know what that means but it fits you. Love your family since the beginning and Beth and your relationship ❤️.”

Honestly, we say whatever is helping Dog get through this difficult time is fine by us. If being excited about a hairstyle he got done and wanting to share it with his fans keeps him out of a funk, all power to him. He’s also said working helps him cope with the loss — in an interview with Radar Online, the reality star said, “I don’t know what to do. As long as I stay bounty hunting it’s the only thing that keeps my mind off how things are right now … I just have to keep working!” Keep going, Dog. You’ve got this.

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