Todd Chrisley’s son Kyle Chrisley revealed he hasn’t spoken to his famous father in over a year — and was allegedly blocked from attending his recent appeal hearing, In Touch can exclusively reveal.

Kyle, 33, spoke to In Touch about his family following his recent criminal charges being dropped. Todd’s son said he was concerned about his father being behind bars even though the reality star doesn’t want anything to do with him. “Honestly, I haven’t spoken to my dad in over a year,” Kyle said.

Todd Chrisley’s Son Kyle Speaks Out About Year-Long Estrangement From Incarcerated Father

“I don’t really know why but he hasn’t responded to my emails, and he doesn’t call. I was actually going to attend the hearing, but I was told my dad did not want me there. I believe someone even said they would have me ‘escorted out’ if I showed up.”

He said he doesn’t know why his father severed the relationship he thought was completely mended. The two have had a rocky relationship for years. “We did reconcile. I moved to Tennessee in 2019 and from then up until he went to prison, we spoke daily, we would meet up for lunch, we spent holidays together… we were fine,” Kyle said.

“After he went to prison, we would email, and I think I was able to visit him twice. I’m not sure what happened for him to stop contact a year ago but after I was told not to attend the hearing, he actually removed me …. from his approved contact list. I couldn’t tell you what his reasons are,” Kyle said.

Todd Chrisley’s Son Kyle Speaks Out About Year-Long Estrangement From Incarcerated Father
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Kyle said he also doesn’t have any contact with his stepmom, Julie Chrisley. He said he hasn’t had any visits with his 11-year-old daughter Chloe — who is being raised by his stepsister Savannah Chrisley. “No, I do not get visits,” he admitted. “When my dad was preparing to leave, I actually requested a legal visitation schedule, but he declined to set one up. He told me I would need to go through Savannah to see Chloe. I haven’t directly asked Savannah for a visit however I’ve mentioned wanting to see her to other family members and the message has been relayed to me that I will ‘never get my hands on Chloe.'”

He added, “I know I have a past but don’t we all? I try very hard to be a better person than I was the day before. Not to mention I’ve been raising my other two children for the last 5 years with no issues. The whole situation is sad, our whole family is really just torn apart, and I hate that it’s become this way.”

Despite the estrangement, Kyle said he is still rooting for his dad and stepmom. “Hopefully their appeal is granted, and he doesn’t have to deal with it much longer,” he said.

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