The man who accused Kyle Chrisley of threatening to kill him in a dispute over money exclusively tells In Touch he’s furious the criminal charges were dropped against Todd Chrisley’s son.

The alleged victim, Deven Campbell, tells In Touch he believes Kyle, 32, may have been able to use his family’s famous name and power to dodge time behind bars.

He said, “Had it been me that attacked somebody, or I attacked Kyle Chrisley they would’ve thrown the book at me. Because of his family and their money and who he is, I felt like, and I still feel like I’m the underdog. Because of his family and fame, he is above the law.”

Todd Chrisley’s Son Kyle’s Alleged Victim in Knife Attack Furious With Prosecutors For Dropping Criminal Charges
Courtesy of Deven Campbell

In March 2023, Kyle was arrested by Tennessee police for felony aggravated assault. The arrest came two months after Todd, 55,  checked into prison to start his prison sentence. TMZ reported that Kyle was accused of making a death threat to his boss Deven during an argument at the job.

Kyle allegedly hit Deven multiple times in the face and body. During the ordeal, Todd’s son was accused of holding a knife and threatening to kill Deven. Deven claimed the fight was over a $36 difference on Kyle’s paycheck. He said he locked himself in a room after the attack while two other men restrained Kyle until police arrived.

“My head was all bruised up, I was kind of beat up,” he previously shared in an interview.

They had the ambulance come out and just drive me over to the ER because one side of the head was really swollen.”

In April, Smyrna Court Clerk’s Office revealed prosecutors dismissed the charges before a trial. The court filings did not reveal a reason behind the case being abruptly closed. Deven tells In Touch he was shocked to find out the case against Kyle was dismissed.

Todd Chrisley’s Son Kyle’s Alleged Victim in Knife Attack Furious With Prosecutors For Dropping Criminal Charges
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He claimed prosecutors tried to blame him for failing to appear in court on a subpoena he said he never received. He claimed the subpoena requesting his presence at the criminal trial was never served on him. Further, he claimed the two men who restrained Kyle and witnessed the attack were never issued subpoenas to appear at the trial.

Deven tells In Touch, “When I spoke to the prosecutor, he told me ‘You were subpoenaed but you never showed up.’ And it made it very clear that why wouldn’t I show up. I was attacked. Hit with the butt of the fixed blade, what would make me not want to come in and give my side of the story in front of a judge.”

“It’s crazy! For someone to able to attack someone else in the manner that he did, and legal process is acting like they don’t really care about it. Or they are giving him a break because of his family,” he continued. Deven added, “The police department never followed up with me, never called me, never asked me any questions. The Court never reached out to me, never called me, never asked me any questions. I was the one that always had to go court to ask what was happening. I was never given any information.”

“I’ve never been assaulted before; I don’t know what happens. I don’t know the processes are — I still don’t know what’s going on.”

Kyle tells In Touch, “While it is true that the charges were dismissed because Deven didn’t show, I do know the court tried multiple times to subpoena him. Fame did not play a role in the court’s decision what so ever. If my family were considered to be above the law, why are my parents in federal prison?”

He continued, “As far as money goes, I believe the fact that I was his employee speaks for itself. In regards to what happened that night —Deven knows he shoved me first. I think by now everyone knows I suffer from PTSD, and that plus him screaming in my face triggered an outburst. His statements are false and honestly ridiculous. Am I sorry that things played out the way they did? Absolutely! But at the end of the day, he put his hands on me first. That’s at least a simple assault. And by my supervisor, at my place of work. I lost my job over it, I was scrutinized, my character was questioned, my reputation damaged. Not to mention, relationships strained. But I would just like to forget about the whole encounter and move on with my life.”

The office of the District Attorney did not return a call left with a receptionist for comment. The Smyrna Municipal Court Administrator Brandi Dover refused to discuss the case when contacted by an In Touch reporter.

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