Tom Cruise was dancing at a Taylor Swift concert 3,500 miles away the same weekend his younger daughter, Suri Cruise, graduated from high school. And now, In Touch can reveal that the last time Tom saw his daughter Suri in person was in 2013 — 11 years ago — when she was nursing a broken arm.

“It was entirely Tom’s decision not to see Suri,” says the insider. The 18-year-old has even seemingly dropped her famous last name and now goes by Suri Noelle. (In May, Suri’s name was listed the same way on a casting sheet for her school’s theater production of the musical Head Over Heels.)

Suri’s new moniker is a nod to her mother, Katie Holmes, whose middle name is Noelle. Tom, 61, and Katie, 45, met in 2005 and welcomed Suri in April 2006 – just seven months before they tied the knot that November. In June 2012, Katie blindsided Tom with divorce papers after nearly six years of marriage. The Dawson’s Creek alum maintained primary custody while the Top Gun star had visitation rights. His relationship with Suri appeared to drastically change from there on out.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, holding their daughter Suri

Sources have long blamed his faith. “Tom has proven over and over again that his No. 1 loyalty is to [his religion] and David Miscavige,” Tony Ortega, an expert on Tom’s faith, exclusively tells In Touch.

Tom “idolizes” Miscavige, claimed David’s father, Ron, before his death in 2021. (Marty Rathbun, a former executive at the church, has described David as a “monster” at the helm of a “dangerous cult.”)

In November 2013, Tom tried to explain himself. “Listen, when there is a divorce … things change. And it’s more complicated,” he said in a deposition when asked why he flew to London from Pittsburgh, where he was shooting Jack Reacher, to attend a church event that was “important” to him, yet he didn’t visit his daughter in NYC for a months-long stretch.

“You have to ask for permission and organize schedules to make things happen,” he insisted. “So it’s not an ideal situation.”

For the first seven years of her life, however, Tom was a hands-on parent with the most famous little girl in the world. “I’m not one of those people who believe you can spoil a child with too much love,” he said in a 2006 interview with Vanity Fair. “You can never give a child too much love. There’s just no way.”

At the time, he added, “My whole life I always wanted to be a father. I always said to myself that my children would be able to depend on me, and I would always be there for them and love them — that I’d never make a promise to my kids that I couldn’t keep.”

As the years passed, says Ortega, “it became more and more obvious Tom had completely cut Suri out of his life. And frankly, Suri may be better off for it. She seems like a terrific and well-adjusted young woman.”

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