Have you already mastered the no-slip grip of stilettos sprayed with hairspray and sheer blush that doubles as highlighter? If so, you have adopted Hollywood’s latest trend — low effort beauty. At the apex of the trend are these infinitely pleasurable one-stop wonders that can save you time, money, and space. No wonder everyone is obsessed. This one happens to be our new fave.


Alberto VO5 Shampoo & Conditioners have so many uses that you just may want to buy them by the case. Still want to use them as your daily shampoo and conditioner because they are paraben and silicone free and powered by 5 vitamins and 5 oils? Who can blame you? But it might also be fun to give these other uses a try.


Wash Fake Eyelashes! They are a struggle to get clean. Soak them overnight in a small bowl of water and a little VO5 Shampoo — it will cut through the grime and leave feathery and soft.

Pamper Tired Feet! Remove dead skin and soothe feet by mixing a little VO5 Shampoo with a little sugar and then rub. Affordable and easy, and your tired feet will thank you.


Double (or Triple) Duty! Curly or coily hair? Revive second day hair with VO5 Conditioner. Use it as a leave in treatment, your locks will thank you.

Makeup remover! So, Underestimated! Stash VO5 Conditioner in your bathroom cabinet and use as a makeup remover. Makeup slides right o without harming the skin, just be careful not to get in your eyes.

The Perfect Product for Plopping! Thirsty curls love VO5 Conditioners, and it also works great on curly/coily hair as a leave in treatment. Try it on for your next plop and see weightless, bouncy, natural curls appear.

VO5 Shampoo and Conditioners are available at Walmart and Walmart.com. 

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