Cara Maria Sorbello and Laurel Stucky’s relationship has had ups and downs for years, but after their time on season 4 of The Challenge: All Stars, the friendship appears to be over for good. In an exclusive interview with In Touch, Cara Maria opens up about why she’s done with her longtime frenemy.

“She’s an incredibly toxic, manipulative, lying, horrible person who I want nothing to do with for the rest of my life,” Cara, 38, exclusively tells In Touch.

Laurel, 39, and Cara finished in first and second place, respectively, on The Challenge: All Stars 4, and shared a sweet moment at the finish line. However, after watching the season back and seeing how poorly Laurel was talking about her, Cara has some different feelings about how it all went down.

“The way that she treated me … I’m looking back on this and all she was doing that I was blind to [and] it’s gross,” Cara says. “I was fine with her winning because I’m like, ‘Whatever, it’s a game.’ Even if she had four advantages [in the final] and gets to skip three f–king puzzles that I had to do that take a lot of time, it is what it is. It’s the game. I was supportive. She wins the money, she pays for vet school. … But she was only happy because she beat me. I was below her and she could tell the whole world that she’s better than me. The only reason she’s [now] feeling any type of way [about it] is because maybe her win doesn’t get all the credit that she wants it to have because of all the advantages she got to have in the final, so maybe she’s not going to get full credit in beating me.”

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The final challenge began with eight players and they were slowly eliminated throughout the race. Once someone was eliminated, they got to give their star to one of the remaining competitors. Laurel’s close relationships with several other players benefited her in this section, as she racked up three extra stars for the final leg. Each star was an advantage in the last part of the race, allowing the four remaining finalists to skip one task per star. Since Laurel had four stars and Cara only had one, she had a significant advantage, which is a testament to the relationships she built throughout the season.

“I was blind to what Laurel was doing all season,” Cara admits. “I didn’t know that she went into the season telling everyone not to work with me or not to talk to me or be around me and that I was a horrible person. I only knew that I was the shoulder she cried on. Then I saw the videos of her being behind everything and the animosity.”

the challenges cara maria wants nothing to do with laurel

Season 4 of The Challenge: All Stars was filmed more than a year before the episodes aired and Cara said she had “no clue” what was being said about her during that time. “I wasn’t s–t talking or conspiring or being evil,” she points out. “Looking back and seeing what people were saying, I’m just like, ‘This is not the reality that I was in.’ I knew people were coming after me, but I thought it was because they didn’t want me there because they were intimidated by me in the game. It didn’t have to be nasty.”

This was Cara’s first time competing on the show since War of the Worlds 2 in 2019. She was admittedly “nervous” to come back and said she had no alliances coming into the game because she “didn’t tell anyone” she was returning.

Despite being targeted throughout the entire season of All Stars 4, Cara says she’s not scared to come back for another season in the future. In fact, she’s more motivated than ever.

“I’m an almost 40-year-old woman, you can’t bully me,” she explains. “It’s disappointing to see people talk [about me] like that when it doesn’t match my reality, but it only gives me fuel to my fire. … If you come at me guns blazing, f–king shoot to kill, otherwise you’re gonna make me that much stronger. I do best when people come at me. When I’m comfortable and complacent, that’s a s–t Cara. She’s probably going to lose.”

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