The winner of season 4 of The Challenge: All Stars has been revealed! The final continued during the Wednesday, June 19, finale, which began with one player being eliminated following the second leg of the race.

Laurel Stucky and Derek Chavez were the slowest of the eight finalists to complete the electric shock checkpoint and T.J. Lavin revealed that Derek, 36, was the competitor in last place. He was able to give his star to one of the other remaining players before going home, which would give them an advantage in the final leg of the competition. Derek chose to give Laurel, 39, his star.

The next leg required the seven remaining challengers to eat 10 spicy peppers with their hands behind their backs. Nicole Zanatta did it the fastest, earning herself an advantage in the next leg, where the players had to drink water like a marionette and spit it into a tube. Nicole’s advantage allowed her to fill up less of the tube to complete the mission. The last player to finish was eliminated.

Laurel was the winner of this checkpoint, with Leroy Garrett finishing in last place. Leroy, 39, chose to give his star to Steve Meinke when he was eliminated, as he felt Steve earned it after winning three eliminations and playing the entire season with no close allies.

The next advantage checkpoint was played in pairs. Cara Maria Sorbello and Ace Amerson teamed up, while Veronica Portillo worked with Steve, and Laurel and Nicole, 33, were a pair. They had to use water from fire hoses to push a ball into their respective goals. Cara, 38, and Ace, 45, earned the advantage.

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Next, the competitors had a choice of three games to play, which were all behind closed doors. One at a time, they had to select which game they felt they could complete the fastest, then come back and choose the next person to go. Each game could only be played twice, so some strategy was involved for those who got to see the rooms first.

As the winners of the advantage, Cara and Ace got first dibs, and he let her be the first to see the rooms. The first game required players to hammer three giant nails, while the second had them rolling a giant ball through a hole at the end of a course with obstacles. Cara opted for the third room, where the players had to light their gloved arm on fire and use it to ignite stars, then throw kerosene-drenched balls at the stars and light four of them on fire.

After completing the checkpoint, Cara filled Ace and Steve in on what was behind the doors, but made sure Nicole and Laurel didn’t hear. Ace also chose the fire challenge, which meant that nobody else could select that room. He chose Steve to go in next, with Steve opting for the hammer challenge. Steve then picked Veronica, 45, who completed room 2 and then selected Nicole to go next. Nicole went with room 2, as well, which left Laurel with room 1 to finish the segment.

Room 2 proved to be the killer, as Veronica and Nicole had the slowest times and were both eliminated. They both gave their stars to Laurel for an added advantage in the final leg.

After sleeping in a cargo net overnight, the players got to the final portion of the challenge. They had to race down a giant mountain on scooters, then approached a field with a star loop that had five checkpoints. The finalists had to run five laps around the star loop, adding games on with each lap, which meant that they only had to complete game 1 during the first lap, but then had to finish games 1 and 2 in the second lap, and so on.

the challenge all stars finale recap who won season 4

T.J. then explained the star advantages, which allowed the players to skip one game per star. However, he also noted that they could only skip one game per lap. Laurel went into the leg with four stars, while Steve had two, and Cara and Ace each had one.

Game 1 was the choice of drinking a gross concoction or eating a cockroach, game 2 was a pipe puzzle, game 3 was digging stones out of a bucket of bugs and making a stack of 10 stay upright for 10 seconds, game 4 was assembling a vertical puzzle and game 5 was a ring toss.

Laurel decided to use three of her stars to skip the game 2 puzzle on laps 2, 3, and 4. On the last lap, she wanted to use her final star to skip the ring toss, so she was stuck figuring out the puzzle for the first time, while the other players had already completed it multiple times. Steve and Cara caught up to Laurel in the last leg, where Steve decided to use his last two stars on the final two games. However, once he skipped game 4, he was reminded that the players could only use one star per lap, so he was stuck figuring out the ring toss.

Meanwhile, Cara and Laurel both used their remaining stars on skipping game 5, which allowed them to race to the finish line. Laurel was ahead of her frenemy at that point and made it to the finish line first, winning the season and $250,000. Cara came in second place, while Steve came in third, and they earned $25,000 each.

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